Google Goes Funny With YouTube Upload: Pigs Fly, Hell Freezes Over

When I saw a YouTube house ad for “how to upload a video,” I had written a scathing blog review (in my head at least) before the video even loaded. Then I was in for a surprise.

It was funny, edgy, self depricating, and informative. I’m unable to criticize it. It basically taught people how to upload without insulting their intelligence: an almost impossible creative assignment given the simplicity of the upload task. More importantly, the video armed itself for the inevitable scathing comments (“hey dipshit, if they can’t figure out how to upload, you can probably assume they’ve got no useful video to share”), by having some fun with the concept.

Might I suggest the creators of this raise their hand for a round of applause? Comment below. Go ahead- we’re proud of you and would like to give you a gold sticker.

Now we’ll need a book to accompany this. “Idiot’s Guide for Upoading YouTube Videos” (a companion guide for how to refresh a browser screen, or double click a mouse).

9 Replies to “Google Goes Funny With YouTube Upload: Pigs Fly, Hell Freezes Over”

  1. Still seems kind of ridiculous to me. If someone can figure out how to create a YouTube account, then they should be able to figure out how to upload a video. Maybe that will be their next video.

    Nalts, you should do a spoof on it. “How to Watch a Video” How many people do you think would miss the irony?

    Actually, a video like that could actually be informative if you explain annotations, captions, playback quality, buffering, rating, commenting, sharing, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera.

  2. Nalts…you were right!…(not suprising)..I just hope youtube made sure to get copyright permission for the video footage and music….I’d hate to see it yanked for infringement issues.

  3. ugh. Videos detailing how to do things on Youtube make me sick. Basically it’s all because of my Ill-fated attempt to be noticed by Youtube by making a video about tags for the adopt-a-feature program. I put all this work into it! Scripted it, bought a greenscreen, and got Sony Vegas – all for this video! And what do I get?? A simple comment saying “Nice” from the adoptafeature channel! Ugh! Can I never win!?

    Plus, if I might add, making these old timey how-to videos is really sort of the easy way out. It’s getting pretty over-used.

  4. @Reubnick

    Don’t do it to be noticed. Don’t do it for anyone else but YOU. Don’t work it too hard. You will find that keeping it simple will get things moving for you. More videos, more possible views. Definitely read Nalt’s “How to Become Popular on YouTube Without Any Talent.” Kinda says the same thing, but a lot more words.

    I am still working it, BUT I am enjoying it.

    Do what my tag line is…
    Keep on YouTubin!

  5. I actually liked that. I agree with Reubs, the device of the ’50s instructional video is (VERY) overused. But this was well-executed/partially warped (“I feel like a prisoner in my own home!”) and coming from a large company, it’s appreciated.

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