Buy Nothing for Less Than $5

Sometimes our lives get so full of nonsense that we need the serenity and comfort of… nothing.

Well I’m selling it now, at a one-time special. What would you expect to pay for the pleasure of owning nothing? $500? $100.

No, for less than $5 you can purchase absolutely nothing (limited time offer). You won’t need to clean it, remember where you left it, or resell it. It will never be out of style, damaged or rust. If someone asks if they can borrow money, you’ll be able to tell them sincerely: “I own nothing.”

Imagine the joy of owning nothing. No commitment or obligation. And you’ll never need another “nothing” because it never expires.


“Nothing makes me happy,” – Justin

“Nothing has changed my life,” – Karen

“Nothing is going on!” – Rick

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