YouTube Singes Unite for 2010 “We Are the World” for Haiti

LisaLavie1 and other amazingly talented YouTube singers joined together in song in a 2010 version of “We Are the World” for Haiti. Who says community isn’t vibrant in social media’s most visceral form (online video)? The video links to the 2010 remake of Quincy Jones’ version (which has surpassed 11 million views), and to Credits for this YouTube homage are below.

Mike Kalombo created the track:
Lisa’s boyfriend, Alphacat spent 3 days editing it along with Lisa (they have a duo channel):

Troye Sivan
Melissa Polinar
Ben Sharkey
Iann Guérin
Bruce & Daniel
Mishal Moore
Blair Perkins
Lyne Sullivan
Lois Mahalia
Chris Cendana
Luna Mae
Maria Zouroudis
Lisa Lavie
David Choi
Richard Rick Rose
Nick Pitera
Aj Rafael
Lucas Teague
Jessica Sanchez
Thia Megia
Shan Malaika
Emmanuelle Auger
Laura Broad
Sheena Melwani
Dan Talevski
Frank Bell
Orlando Dixon
Iman Crosson
JR Aquino
Eric Arceneaux
Stacy Dudero
Meghan Tonjes
James Dupre
Heidi Jutras
Anna Moya…
Laura Song
Renee Thomas
Jon McSingee
Nick Gardner
Jon Cahlander
Julie Corrigan

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