Thread for Pointless Comments (join below)

Soliciting pointless comments. Topics can range from midgets and poop, to higher concepts like secret phobias or painful childhood memories.

To begin the thread, I offer you a photo of Snuggie 2.0.

I wish I was a Japanese man. I'd run in a mall wearing this. And if I fell, I'd be screwed. Do they make midget sized ones? If not, they're racists.

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  1. Hey Nalts, you could watch our latest video and cull some material from there. It’s not like we can find an audience on our own so we might as well give away our material!

    Oh and in reference to Snuggie 2.0,
    he looks like a Douche-kimo!

  2. I used to wish that I could fly like superman. I had a dream once that I was flying and wasn’t paying attention to my surroundings and got sucked into a jet engine in mid-air. So ends my wish of flying around.


  3. I suffer from erectophylia, which causes me to get erections whenever I am in a public place. The Snuggie 2.0 would be the perfect clothing item to hide my disorder.

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    Also – it is important to hold in your farts after eating beef and bloccoli

  5. One time a roommate persuaded me to go with him to church. I think it was Catholic. When it was time for the Communion or whatever, he kinda pushed me up with him. I didn’t know what to do. I held my hands the wrong way to receive the wafer. I made a slurping sound when I drank the wine. He berated me for these failures all the way back to our dorm. I was thinking, “man, does God really care how I hold my hands and all that crap?” I think maybe I went with him cause I thought it would be better than the Southern Baptists I grew up with–always talking about the world ending and everyone going to hell. Wrong. That was enough religion for me, buddy.

    This was the same guy that would walk around naked in front of me with his tiny member hanging and tell me how his sisters told him that girls didn’t like long penises, but rather fat ones. I’m like “why are you telling me this” and “well, you’ve got neither thing going for you.”

  6. The snow has mostly melted. I drove around this afternoon looking at the emaciated corpses of snowmen. It was sad seeing them slumped over or sprawled out on the wet lawns, some of them with their little stick arms reaching towards shade.

  7. Sorry I’ve been away for awhile. Did anyone miss me?

    Where’s NutCheese?

    Where’s sukatra, dammit!!!???

  8. Hey Marylin…. I’m right here. Just minding my business and working on my statistics homework. I just kicked ass on my statistics exam yesterday. I know you are so proud! 🙂

  9. Good job, NutCheese!!! I am very proud of you. I hated statistics. The only thing I learned from that class is that you can twist statistics to prove anything you want to prove.

  10. I have never enjoyed a comment thread on my blog or another as much as this one. I’ve since added it to my bookmarks on my browser. erectophylia, ponies, statistics, poop, software pony, and THE TROLL DOLL.

  11. Yesterday I went to Mass for Ash Wednesday and when I went up to get the ash cross on my forehead the deacon literally said to me “I’m going to have to get A LOT of ash for YOU!” I wonder why he said that? *adjusts halo*

    It made me giggle. 🙂

  12. I was sleeping in class today. Well, more like dozing. It was a surreal experience. I was half listening to what my prof was saying, but my brain was twisting his words into bizarre dreams.

    Oh yeah! Trippin’ out on singular value decomposition, Moore-Penrose pseudo inverses, and compact linear operators in functional analysis.

  13. @43 Room 623? That’s just down the hall from my office, across from the printer room. A few of my classmates share that office. Do you think they just found out about Gödel’s incompleteness theorem?

  14. My sister Beth is contemptuous of people who have jobs. Last night she drunkenly bragged over a quart that she had written proof Medicaid spent $1.2 million dollars on her medical tests in 2007. This doesn’t include SSI payments or prescription costs. That makes Beth one of the most important people in Marshall, Texas.

    $1.2 million. Geeze. Government is stupid. For a carton of cigarettes and a six pack of soda pop I could have told them what is wrong with Beth.

  15. I used my green laser pointer the other day to point out a typo on the chalkboard. Everybody giggled. My prof hasn’t yet figured out who wields the device capable of burning a chipmunk’s retina from 500 yards. Muaahahahaahaaaa!

  16. For kicks, I’ve been going onto chatroulette to try to make people laugh. Nothing nasty, nothing offensive. Just goofy stuff. Nothing’s better than seeing some hopeless looking person crack a smile. I also shake my finger at the wankers.

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