Learn What the “Wilhelm Scream” Is, Noob

With apologies to you seasoned film enthusiasts, I’d like to introduce the Wilhelm Scream to those still left oblivious to it. You see, I used the sound effect in a recent YouTube video and was again reminded that it’s not as widely appreciated as I should think.

Klaxoncow said it best:

The scream, which originated in a 1951 film called Distant Drums, has appeared in countless movies since. You’ve heard it in Star Wars, Indiana Jones, King Kong (Jack Black’s version), The Family Guy, and many films you may know by heart. Stephen Spielberg and George Lucas have celebrated the sound effect, originally dubbed “man getting bit by alligator and he screams” (source: Wikipedia so it must be accurate).

My sister, who sent me this clip, became aware of it when her son began to notice its repetition (a remarkable feat for a child who was 7 at the time).

I would like to challenge all video creators to find a special place for it in coming months, and make it an Internet meme that is abhorred by Anonymous and 4Chan.

Now enjoy some classic film moments, and listen for it in your movie and Internet-video watching.

8 Replies to “Learn What the “Wilhelm Scream” Is, Noob”

  1. Ah, yes, the fabulous Wilhelm scream! I don’t know if you know this or not, but an ABC Family show (from the summer of 08 and was unfortunately was cancelled) called “The Middleman” used the Wilhelm scream once per episode.

  2. Marquis- how can we discern Wilhelm from Beth or the neighbors? I got a Valentine’s card from my sister with fake signatures from all the people on YouTube. My favorite was “beth and mama.”

  3. Your sister is funny. I enjoyed reading the book she sent me.

    The hillbillies next door abandoned that house a year ago, so all Wilhelm screams are either Wilhelm or Beth. Or momma. Or all three.

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