Ashkan Karbasfrooshan’s Magical Money Pyramid

WatchMojo CEO Ashkan Karbasfrooshan has written a series of smart articles about online video in TechCrunch, and here’sKarbasfrooshan’s recent “How to Make Money from Online Video.”

TechCrunch is totally working my content corner, and if I had a pimp he’d comb his afro and kick Michael Arrington right in his man crunch. In fairness, Arrington wrote about me like once… two years ago. But since then? Not even a TechCrunch footnote to the new version of my free eBook “How To Get Popular on YouTube Without Any Dandruff.” See if I share any profits with Arrington when he’s dirt poor because Google ripped all his content.

Anyhoo, Karbasfrooshan’s recent article is particularly smartish because Karbasfrooshan includes a pyramid including my name. In general I’m a big fan of pyramids. They’re the new quadrants. And when Karbasfrooshan includes my name (Nalts),Karbasfrooshan’s pyramid take on a sophisticated, glistening appeal. I’m listed with iJustine and Fred, right on the bottom of the “prosumer” level — just above that mud slop you call user-generated  content (UGC). It’s not profitable, but I keep my costs down and I make it up in volume.

Here’s Karbasfrooshan’s pyramid below. Karbasfrooshan’s article is goodly written too, but if he’d have quoted my blog it would have been more gooder. I hope Karbasfrooshan isn’t right about the damned prerolls. The dropoff rate is a deal killer.

And I hope they make a new ice-cream called Karbasfooshan. I’d have 4 bowls for supper.

P.S. Karbasfrooshan

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