Best Super Bowl Ads of 2010

Last year my video roundup of the best Superbowl ads was seen more than 7 million times, so I kinda had to make a sequel. Since this year’s theme (for both aired videos and those banned) seemed to be about guys being gay or wearing underwear, it felt right to use “I Wear No Pants” (used in the Shazam Dockers ad and written by The Poxy Baggards).

Want to see how the ads were rated? Check out USAToday’s Ad Meter, see Advertising Age’s Report, or watch them all at YouTube’s AdBlitz channel.

11 Replies to “Best Super Bowl Ads of 2010”

  1. One part of me thinks it would be hilarious if Nalts did a spoof on the commercials where he runs around doing stupid things in his underwear, but another part of me thinks that would be highly disturbing.

  2. This is an incredible video. I know the guys in the group that sings this song and you did a terrific job putting this together. I’ll make sure to share it with all my friends.

  3. Hi from Sweden. Loved your last year video, so great. I loved the Betty white commercial and hated the anti-abortion ad. Don’t get the point. Love the Doritos-ad with the little kid too.

  4. Mia: You got the point of the ads with guys running around in tighty whiteys, but not when Tim Tebow thanked his mother for not killing him? Seriously?

  5. @PeterCoffin Seriously? That’s exactly what all the advertisements are doing. They shell out millions to be seen by millions. It’s pretty unfair to criticize them like that just because you don’t like their message.

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