How To Get Popular on YouTube (free eBook, version 2)

I just uploaded version 2 of “How to Get Popular on YouTube Without Any Talent” (a free eBook originally written 2 years ago). Thanks for the feedback on the first one. We’re all still figuring it out, eh?

Nalts doesn’t feel as popular as when he first wrote it, but he’s having fun, dangit. The original motive in publishing this was to help people avoid getting scammed by stupid products or services that promise to boost your YouTube views. Puh-leez.

I’m finalizing “Beyond Viral Video” for Wiley, but that one’s for marketers and agencies… so it’s going to be a real book with a price tag and fancy cover. 62,000 words so far, but necessarily in the right order.

I put “youtube popular” on Scribd and SlideShare because it’s too big to post as PDF here. Use it as you wish, but if you steal it and sell it I’ll punch you.

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  1. I always refer kids and aspiring YouTubers to “How to Get Popular on YouTube Without Any Talent” whenever they ask me how to be “good” on YouTube. It’s like your giving back Nalts!

  2. Oh no. You’re falling down for attention again. Anything for a laugh…

    It reminds me of how, when I was at summer camp, I would gorge at lunch, and then make myself puke off the top of buildings or out of windows several stories up for the amusement and astonishment of other camp-goers.

  3. I really enjoyed the new version of the eBook!
    A great read at 34 pages and perfect for
    short attention spans. (Like my own!)
    Engaging in the community is definitely important.
    I’ve worked with a couple of Youtubers and although I haven’t seen a huge return in the number of subscribers, it’s always been a fun and rewarding experience to be able to assemble a project just over the internet.
    Something I couldn’t have done 2 years ago!
    (dial up internet FTL)
    I do have to say thank you to Bobjenz! He was kind enough to do a short promo we put in front of one of our videos and if you’re up for it Nalts, I’d like for you to do one too! You just need to say something along the lines of “Hey this is Kevin Nalts (or Nalts, whatever works!)
    and you’re watching No Budget TV!”
    Maybe? Possibly?

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