When Do You Book Your Flight to AdTech?

When do you book your plane flight to AdTech (April) in San Fran?

a) When you commit to speaking

b) When Daisy Whitney reminds you

c) When AdTech puts you on its homepage

d) A week before the event because you forgot

e) Never because you don’t know the difference between LA and SanFran, so you end up driving there

I hope people visit AdTech.com, then wander to my YouTube page and find this video I shot this morning. Then they won’t worry about taking an early flight and missing the closing act.

2 Replies to “When Do You Book Your Flight to AdTech?”

  1. That would be a looooooooong drive. On the plus side, you’d probably vlog about it and tell us how you pee in bottles and then throw them out the window at midgets.

    Are you planning on doing the obligatory pratfall during your talk?

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