Annoying Orange’s “Hey Apple” Creator

Meet Daneboe of Gagfilms, creator of the extremely popular “Annoying Orange” series. I interviewed him remotely in late 2007 for Metacafe Unfiltered, a short-lived “behind the scenes of popular creators.” Since he was in Florida, Freddy Nager suggested we do a homage to his popular “screaming eggs” video.

So when I saw his recent Superbowl video surging on YouTube, I went on a binge. Imagine me and my four kids laughing hysterically at the wonderfully sophomoric and simple concept: An orange annoys fellow fruits and vegetables, but always gets the last laugh when their rudeness is followed by their demise.

My favorite is episode three, featuring the Tomato that can’t be both a vegetable and a fruit.

Thanks to Dane for digging up the digital file, and allowing me to post it. 🙂

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  1. @1 Ditto. It is called “Annoying Orange” though, isn’t it?

    It is strangely captivating though. Kind of like its hard not to stare at someone who has an enormous butt.

  2. Dane is THE MAN. YouTube better recognize that this is, ironically, 2010’s less annoying FRED. I’ve worked with Dane several times now and I must say, super-talented, creative good guy. CHEERS!

  3. Slater: I’ve lost many a contest to Dane, so I’m kinda torn between crediting him as one of those video creators who inspires me to do better work myself, and just hiring someone to take him out.

    Orange: You mean, like, to dinner?! Hey, Slater! Slater! You mean take him out to dinner??

    Slater: In all sincerity, Dane, if you ever need a voiceover, jingle, or any other sort of collab-type thing, track me down. I’m in the book.

    Orange: Like Facebook? Hey, Slater! What kind of book doesn’t have any pages in it? Facebook! You get it? Hahahahahaha!!

  4. I recently discovered the annoying orange a few weeks ago too, and I totally loved it. Now THAT is a character. Honestly. Although the orange is so incredibly obnoxious, I think anybody watching is usually rooting for the Orange in whatever endeavors he wants to pursue.

    imagine my excitement when I found myself in a video with him! As if being in a video with Nalts, PeterCoffin, ObviouslyBenHughes and ZackScott wasn’t exciting enough, I was in it with the annoying orange guy!

    I had always been hearing about DaneBoe, but for some reason I always assumed he was some weird Billy Ray Cyrus guy. Boy, was I wrong. Now that I actually know a little bit about him, I am quite a fan.

  5. Dane is pretty awesome. The Annoying Orange series is a bit repetitive though–same old gags in each one. I did enjoy #5 though where the Annoying Orange is pwned by another even more annoying orange who then gets what he deserves.

    Somebody let me know if Dane ever makes a video where the Annoying Orange meets his demise. I’d love to see him get blended or microwaved or something.

    @7 What video were you in with him?

  6. The Orange is going to be around for a LOOOONG time. There’s no reason to kill him off – honestly – the Orange is JUST NOW starting to take off. I really think it has a chance to be “Fred” big.

  7. omg the annoying orange is so funny, i broke my arm and it really helped cheer me up!!! GO THE JOLLY GREEN GIANT!! 😀 i LOVED it

  8. I am amvialent about these vids. The effects are hypnotic and impressive but the content is a little weak. Collaborate with a talented writer (hint: not bobjens).

  9. Gene- don’t you think the show needs a guest episode scripted by a former journalist, book author, video comedian, and YouTube star? Geez- if only we could find one.

  10. It’s nspread A LOT. Now throughout my school whenever we see a friend we say “WAS AAAAAAPPPPPPPP” like the orange =D

  11. Well the annoying orange has a power to sell to kids. I only wanted to watch it a few times, but maybe it’s like ‘Barney’ with a magic hold on kids (or folks that are kids at heart), my nephew likes showing me a clip of the annoying orange in his i-pod.

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