Obscure Makeup Artist Goes from YouTube to Makeup Line

This Today show report highlights Lauren Luke, a single mom from England who found fame via YouTube make-up tutorials. Now she’s making money on YouTube, and has launched her own makeup line with Sephora. Her own makeup talents are more evident by her glowing face in the in the live shot than the interview clips preceding it (which, perhaps due to careful NBC lighting direction, give her that requisite homely amateur look).

Check her out at YouTube as Panacea81 or see her fashion line here. If you last long enough in this video, you’ll see a rare quote from YouTube about the financial upside for creators. Go get ’em Lauren.

Lessons learned:

  • Sometimes you can go from obscurity to a full-time revenue on YouTube.
  • That can transcend to additional opportunities.
  • NBC, like every other network, will never fail to show “Charlie Bit My Finger” or some of the other most-viewed videos whenever covering the medium.
  • Eyes in thumbnails sell. See her most popular videos below:

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3 Replies to “Obscure Makeup Artist Goes from YouTube to Makeup Line”

  1. Eye makeup creeps the hell out of me. I occasionally have nightmares about horribly over mascaraed eyelashes and infected sclera caused by overzealous application of eyeliner.

    Wear lipstick, rouge, or whatever if you must, but keep nasty makeup gunk faaaaar away from the sensitive eyeballs.

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