Tik Tok Kiesha Song Balad Style (Kurt Hugo)

This song by Allison Williams (not that one) brought me to discover (albiet quite late) the amazing Kurt Hugo Schnieder (not that one) and Sam Tsui. Check out Kurt’s MySpace.

And all I can say (after a 1 hour binge of your videos) is that you’d better drop out of college and make College Musical 5, 6, and 7. Seriously.  Don’t make me drive to Yale and kick you out of bed. Wait- you don’t sleep either.

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  1. Well MY day started poorly. Had to stick my finger up my dog’s butt to clear a blockage. Then my sister came home after being missing 16 hours. Damn! I was hoping for eternity! And momma lost her mind again and asked me 30 times today what day it is. It’s SUNDAY, guddammit! Sunday! Now the dust mites in my neck whiskers itch. I just can’t win for losing.

  2. I just realized I’m incapable of multitasking while listening to music. I had to pause the video in order to read the blog post and type this comment. (My attention span was too short to watch the whole thing.) I don’t know why, but my brain gets annoyed if I try to both at the same time. Does this happen to anyone else?

    Maybe this is why I don’t own an iPod (other than the fact that I dislike Apple and their overpriced merchandise) or any other kind media player (other than a computer), and hence rarely listen to any music of my own volition. I do get bombarded by crappy pop songs (the aural equivalent of eating junk food, in my opinion) on the radio when I work out, but that’s about it unless I attend a musical event.

    Maybe I have my cause and effect wrong. Maybe I can’t concentrate on other things while listening to music because my brain isn’t desensitized by frequent exposure to it. Maybe I need to go to bed instead of irritating you guys with my stupid self-psychoanalytic ramblings.

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