Would You Cut Off Your Pinky Finger for Money?

Would you cut off your pinky finger for money? Click below to fill out the survey. I’ll bet I could dramatically impact your selection based on a photo before you complete it (a stack of bills vs. a bloody missing finger I almost pasted below).

I’m not offering. Just wondering. My sister used to always ask me this kinda thing.

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8 Replies to “Would You Cut Off Your Pinky Finger for Money?”

  1. I’d go as cheap as $1,000 I think. I mean, really, all I use my pink for is Holding SHIFT down on a keyboard.

    Not quite like James Bond in ‘Casino Royale.’

  2. Oh, this reminds me of a game we play at work…”What would you rather do?”

    Here’s an example…What would you rather do? Suck on the hair left in a public drain bathroom or eat a spoonful of plaque from (insert name of nasty person from work here) teeth. You HAVE to choose one!!!!

    Oh, I forgot to mention, these were for a million dollars.

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