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  1. I did a search to see if anyone had lifted it and was handing out copies. The search brought me here. Your thoughts are my thoughts. Now, back to searching.

  2. I did a search too and came to you, Nalts. How funny is that?? SO did anyone ever send you a copy?

    BY the way, I emailed you a while back = did you get my email? If not, please email me (you used to have my personal address, and my work one is here now).


  3. This white-paper and others on the economics of on-line video are flawed. Primarily for two reasons; 1, These papers focus their data on established sites (like You tube) and do not take into account delivery and potential monetization for the emerging mobile phone market. 2. Because on-line video is such a market-specific endeavor (ie-Video hosting site about weddings will generate different return vs, site dedicated to say, fishing), it’s virtually impossible to accurately estimate the amount of revenue a person can generate from on-line video.(whether streamed or stored for later download) One college student who formed Funeralrecording.com, made $500,000 in just 5 years. (Talk about specialty market). The bottom line for me at least, was looking at the specific markets, and finding the appropriate service to fulfill the market need. Remember, on-line video that is stored is global, and requires very little capital outlay (web site, CDN, and advertising) so even the most obscure site can generate revenue if it’s marketed properly. Hope my little diatribe helps.

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