Most Popular Nalts Videos of All Time

Here are my most popular YouTube videos of all time.

In case you care, I just pulled this from a YouTube beta tool that gives me a bit more access on performance data than before. I’m still starved for more insights about the performance of my videos, but at least I have confirmation that the income I get from embedded videos (those appearing outside is absolutely trivial.

1. Scary Maze Game Views: 13963032 (Live!)
2. Fart in Public (Farting in Library) b… Views: 9895639 (Live!)
3. i are cute kitten Views: 8562104 (Live!)
4. Top 10 Superbowl Ads Views: 7123506 (Live!)
5. America’s Funniest Bloopers Views: 6379508 (Live!)
6. Mall Pranks Views: 6262486 (Live!)
7. Bad Haircut Prank Views: 3239642 (Live!)
8. Snake in Pool Views: 1923966 (Live!)
9. Fred’s Dad Returns Views: 1799339 (Live!)
10. Horror Hitch Hiker Prank Views: 1742831 (Live!)

24 Replies to “Most Popular Nalts Videos of All Time”

  1. Odd. Scary Maze Game is one of the not-so-brilliant Nalts videos. I guess it just goes to show how little popularity has to do with quality.

  2. I was talking to this guy after Mass today and then he interrupted me to say he had to leave to go take a shit. That wouldn’t seem weird if it was a friend of mine telling me this, but I didn’t even know this guy. I guess I just make people feel comfortable enough to tell me about their bowel movements.

  3. MDJ! Where have you been?

    NutCheese: There’s something about you that always makes ME think of pooping.

    BTW, did I ever tell you that I had to write a kid up in my study hall one day because he shouted out “I gotta take a deuce”? Do you have any relatives in upstate NY?

  4. @NutCheese: It wasn’t so much what he said (although that certainly was a large part of it), but also the fact the he shouted it out loud enough for the whole class to hear, AND, when I told him that it was inappropriate (this is middle school, after all. You let one kid say that, they’ll all be saying it), he said “But I NEED to take a deuce!” Repeating it was his greatest sin.

    And yes, we all had a good laugh about it in the faculty room later. There has too be SOME perks to being a middle school teacher!

  5. I can imagine you as a middle-schooler. Had I been teaching then and had you in my class, I’m sure you would have driven me crazy. Some kids just don’t know when to shut up! 😉

  6. the malls my fav, though I do appreciate ed b – friend thinks if you put a blond hair piece on him he’d look like brad pitt – I don’t see it

    wb mdj, where ya been? you didn’t happen to see sukatra while you were out? I’m beginning to think she and hank were abducted by aliens.

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