Internet’s Most-Viewed Live Hair Transplant

Well now I’ve seen everything. It seems Greg Benson, the follicularly challenged brains behind MediocreFilms has selected Earth’s best hair-transplant doctor to update his Bosley transplant (see video). With more than 13,000 live viewers via the Internet, this would indeed make hair-transplant history.

Dr. Alan Bauman, who you may know as SurgeonOfNalts, did the work… and now it’s a race to the finish. Will Nalts (me), the YouTube personality who once pitched Propecia, have the best hairline of 2010? Or will Greg? In a great moment of irony, Benson’s sporting the old Propecia mirrors. Ah, the days that we pharmaceutical firms could give out tissue boxes, pens and mirrors. Those were the days.

Benson made me proud when he, like perhaps every male transplant candidate, made the obligatory joke when one of Bauman’s peeps warned him about the loud, wet and cold cleansing-wash machine. It’s funny because it’s predictable, like his inclination to yell “bye MiniMi” before he runs over midgets.

Nearly 3500 new follicles (which represent a few hairs each) may be a record for a minimally invasive (no surgical slice) transplant. Dr. B uses a NeoGraft to do follicular unit extraction (FUE). Cutting edge that’s so cutting edge, it doesn’t require a cutting edge. Here’s a photo of Benson, with wife Kim Evey (producer of TheGuild and star of Gorgeous Tiny Chicken Machine Show).

Go, Greg. As YouTube funnyman Mark Day exposed, there are some side effects as I well know. Here’s some footage I just found that someone took of my live Internet broadcast during treatment, and here’s my summary video called “Hair Transplant Fun.”

Also worth watching are the educational videos we both did. Here’s my conversation with Bauman (which summarizes the steps in 5 minutes), and here’s Benson/Bauman talking about the entire procedure. Benson said he slept like a baby after his transplant, which is not what he experienced years before with the traditional surgery from Bosley. In a sequel to Alan’s interview, the duo speak about how even a year ago this 3K plus process wouldn’t have been possible, and about the recovery phase. After 6 months, you don’t notice much, but by 10-12 months you’ll see 90%.

Benson and I spoke recently, and are just gaga over this experience. In my Merck/Propecia capacity, I had lots of insights on the best hair-transplant surgeons. When I asked people who they’d chose, Bauman’s name came up constantly. We both know why.

Benson did it for his acting career, and I did it because 3 years working on a medication that treats hairloss will make you somewhat self conscious.

With all of this buzz, one can only hope that hair-transplants don’t need to be secrets (more on this on my blog). Some of the film and television actors and actresses you love have had these procedures, but you wouldn’t know it. Why?

  1. They don’t talk about it because they feel it would hurt their image.
  2. The doctors can’t reference their celebrity patients… unless they’re weblebrities who chose to take themselves a bit less seriously.

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  1. Kevin if you want to get a heads-up on Greg rub your scalp nightly with mayonnaise and pickle juice, put on a shower cap, slip into the wife’s robe and let it sit for 15 minutes.

    Then walk outside to the mail box, take off the cap – let it air do it’s magic – walk back to the house, rinse, then eat a bowl of oatmeal.

    If you add chopped onions or garlic to the mix it will work twice as fast. This really works, trust me.

  2. Now all that gushing about the Guild, Felicia Day and The Streamys makes sense.

    The husband of The Guild’s producer is working on the same hair plugs product placement as you are.

    Are you now a Streamys judge too Nalts? The only qualification it seems is to agree that The Guild gets to win almost everything and the remainder of the awards go to the shows belonging to the other judges (Its probably the only awards where the judges win the prizes, and no one gives a crap because it has no bearing or effect in the real world).

    Mark Day is a judge too. You know, Mark Day, the YouTube Editor, the guy who spotlights his friend SaraBenincasa constantly even though her videos are tripe. They need people with “that kind of integrity” as judges to make sure that these webseries that parachute onto YouTube and get fake views from pre-negotiated/undeserved feature spots are held up as being the pinnacle of web content.

    Quitting your job, getting hair plugs and an unnecessarily attractive babysitter, hanging out on YouTube with a group of middle aged men who give themselves awards for perpetrating frauds on old media and depriving the teenagers that populate the site of pocket money … Its all just part of your middle-age crisis.

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