Getting Blog Text Into Book? WTF?

I hate to use a blog to solve for this, but everything else including MOTHER GOOGLE has failed me.

I am writing a book, and I want to leverage the text from this blog… three years of crap here. Not too schabby. I can export from WordPress (this blog’s software) into an XML document. But it’s got some errors or can’t easily be turned into text… even with some word editor.

My goal is to pull 400 posts from this blog (that Jan, thank you, has identifies as potential content for the book). Alas, it’s looking like I’m going to have to pay someone to manually do that horrendous job.

Ideally I’d like to export the 400 blog posts from into a word document that preserves only the title, the copy (perhaps the hyperlinks and date). No comments or photos… sorry backrow.

Damnit I thought that would be easy, but it’s sent me into a spiriling of nothing.


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  1. is the XML you are getting all 400 posts? and its in XML format? i dont think i exactly understand you but Word has an Import item on its menu, it should open in word. if you want to send the file to me let me know.

  2. It’s okay that you aren’t including us in this book. As long as you can get a spin off book deal called “Pass the cheese: My wacky life with the WWFF tribe”, I’m sure we’ll all be happy.

    and if there is a couple of bucks in it for me, I would be willing to possibly do that “horrendous” job of manually copying and pasting the files onto Word if Thor’s plan doesn’t work, if you would need it. I don’t know how feasible and convenient that would be for you, seeing as I would have to send you a ridiculous amount of emails to get the files to you, but I’d be up for it if you’d need it. It would be quite a trip down memory lane.

  3. If anyone figures this out I want to know cause I kidnapped and tortured a number of wordpress gurus for the answers and that ended up about as useful as looking for WMD in Iraq.

  4. Yo Kevin, send me the XML too. I want to try writing a program in Mathematica (my computing software of choice) to strip out all the extra junk.

    It shouldn’t be too hard, especially if you don’t mind losing all the embedded images and videos.

    I too came up with no easy answers after several hours of searching online.

  5. @6: Some of my students found my YouTube page and wondered why I had a video entitled “Hot Naked Cheese”. I wasn’t sure how to respond, but I just told them it was a joke.

    It’s hard being a teacher and having a web presence. Fortunately, none of them have found my FaceBook page (yet!). Which is why I keep it private.

  6. So does this mean I’ve already read the book before it’s even been written? Oh wait… I don’t actually read the blog posts, so that wont be an issue.

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