KFC Racist Ad Goes Viral: Think Global, Act Global?

Old adage is “think global, and act local” when it comes to marketing. But what if the Internet screws that up? What if a KFC ad that might be perfectly appropriate in Australia is offensive to Americans? Check Google analytics, Twitter search and “How Sociable” if you want proof of the damage.

Even if you’re not putting your local commercials on the Intertube, you may want to think about how it might strike customers in other countries. Not as bad as accidentally naming your brand a word that means “shark penis” in Japan, but close.

3 Replies to “KFC Racist Ad Goes Viral: Think Global, Act Global?”

  1. Since I read the rat and finger story I won’t eat fast food.
    doesn’t effect me where I can make any more of a difference.

    Still, I don’t know why anyone eats KFC – you see what they do to those chickens!

    want to create some real damage? Intertwined how they treat the chickens with this commercial and watch some real damage. 200k+ hits easy

  2. Good grief. Calling that commercial racist seems pretty stupid to me. Go find some real racism you hate-mongers; there is plenty to be found with things like affirmative action damaging minorities.

    That being said, companies do need to watch out for unintentional innuendo and things that could be misconstrued as racism.

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