Larry King vs Some Dude on the Internet

Larry King gets about 1.2 million viewers a night. This guy, Sxephil, has been seen 14 million times in the past month. The YouTube “star” will average 1 million views per day soon.

  • Larry King is well known, can be found easily on the large monitor you call a television. He’s been in lots of movies. Maybe you’ve seen one of them.
  • This guy, Phil, makes his own web show and you’ve never heard of him. But a few million have, and follow him like hobos follow liquor. In fact many days, he’ll have more eyes on him than Larry King, especially when you count Phil’s other videos, web, live broadcasts.
  • Larry fetches a pretty penny for an ad. Phil? A bit less. No- a lot less per view.
  • Phil writes, shoots, directs, edits and produces his stuff. Larry? He has some help. Expensive help.

And you want to know the interesting thing? People far less popular than this Phil guy are getting seen more daily than most of the television shows you talk about. Hmmm…

This is what I’m talking about, media buyers (see last post). The world’s a-changin’.

P.S. Phil- I’d say life is the paper not the pencil or pen. But you and ZeFrank have never commented on this blog before, so you may never know that Great answer.

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  1. Phil read this blog and tweeted it. So, honey, you’re in for alot of views. Well, at least today ; )

  2. As usual a great point Nalts! And looks like phil did read… But if life is paper then each person must be a pen (Or a pencil) then the pen/pencil mark is what? They’re mark? I liek the metaphoric “Pen Running Out” idea or a pen being broken before it runs out of ink but it wouldn’t make sense about when you run out of paper (E.G. life) Phil’s allegory made much more sense…

  3. Just an FYI- Phil did read this, he even posted it on his facebook for everyone else to read.

    A little clarification: If you were to re-read his writing exercise, you would find that Phil did say life was the paper. His question was whether it was written in pen or pencil. So your “great answer” isn’t so great when you just repeated what he said in the first place.

  4. I agree with you 100%. Most “news reporters” if that term can be used in this context that are found on YouTube clearly do not get the recognition as much as the people who are on TV. Eventually, the internet will take over and we will all be happy, but until that day we will just hope that people will just start drifting away from the television.

    PS: Phil sent me πŸ™‚

  5. Vanessa, actually phil said the paper is you, the pen is presumably your free will therefore the penmark is your life… Deep… haha

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  6. Aint it fun when the person your blogging about finds out about it tweets it and his fans see it. Massacre i tell you.

  7. sXePhil fan.
    Larry King is more recognizable for now. With the outstanding rate of the growth the internet has, I imagine that some day in the not so distant future certain internet celebrities will be more recognizable than “mainstream” figures.

  8. I dislike when people come on these blog things and CLAIM to be Phil (See above to the guy that put his name as Phil) I absolutely love that there are people in the world who will take time to write a blog post breaking down things like this, Larry King and Philip DeFranco. TV Star or Internet star, The latter of the two being the newest form of Media.
    I can elaborate on the fact you bring up “More people are getting watched on the Internet then your favorite TV Shows” And while that is true in theory that is because there is much more controlled access to the Internet.
    I doubt 14 million different people have viewed Phil’s shows I mean certainly in the millions but not such a substantial number.

    I for one continuously repeat his shows because I find his humor right up my alley a term I use with shame because these days I find nothing up my alley and if it takes lonely mediums like the internet where sure you can remain anonymous at all times but god knows you’re going to want your name heard. Phil just like all of us started on the internet as someone with small intentions that just as soon as he started getting heard about he sprouted up and said this is something to milk and so he did and we love him for it.

    God knows we are not anonymous and this isn’t just a form of media anymore This is in fact a community and we aren’t all anonymous we are friends

    Are we friends with Larry King? No he’s behind a screen and we can’t leave comments in hopes he’ll read them
    Phil’s show is more fan based and viewer oriented he actually reads our opinions if you sent Larry King a letter he’d throw it into a pile that says “Not money”

    All in all I think the reason that Philip DeFranco is substantially more popular is because of how in touch with us he is. He isn’t afraid to leave his door without first having two body guards and he doesn’t exactly rake in millions of dollars so he still has a use for us.

    Apologies for the essay people and though some of it is off topic it all comes down to a point.

  9. Phil read this, tweeted/facebooked it to all his fans. I agree, I would watch Phil over Larry King any day. Phil does everything himself and works for his money, Larry King is the most boring man on television, but yet still gets payed substantially more than Phil. <3 you Phil and Nalts πŸ˜‰

  10. Who da fuk is these retarded person never heard of him until phill told mii to come here but everyone knows Phill becuase he is wicked ass ninja skillzsz!!!!!!

  11. I dont normally read blogs, so I may only ever visit once. But Phil sent ya. THis is a point you missed. The interaction with Phil and new media is much higher. An advertiser may pay big bucks for an add on larry king, but its not as effective. When you advertise with PhillyD your chances of getting an active response are much larger.

  12. Phil’s just a guy trying to make a living for himself, and entertain too. He’s not doing anything wrong, so it shouldn’t bother you.
    And so what if Phil films/edits all his work himself? He’s a funny guy, and I don’t judge people based on expensive equipment and whether or not they have a crew helping them.
    Larry King isn’t really funny to me either… But I won’t go into that.

    First and last time I’ll comment on your blog. I’m sure you’re a nice guy, but I don’t see why you feel the need to insult Phil. O_o

  13. You’re incorrect grammar and mispuctuation has my head spinning and I am lost as to whether you are complimenting Phil or bashing on him…But I’m going to say you are giving him props and am going to agree with you…Now go back to English Class!

  14. Too bad most of Phil’s viewers are abnoxious. That’s gonna get to him at some point. But he may not care; he’s making a lot of money off of this Internet gig

  15. I’m gonna mention Phil on my blog – Now THAT’S Advertising

    I’d like to see Phil start or join a cause like bringing the wall street banks down – the move your money movement.

    Call Congress to Audit the FED

    Help stop the foreclosures

    The food stamp scandal

    Do something good and meaningful for the country, set a youtube record – tons more free press

    hey, Phil if you’re interested it would be a great service and interesting to see what kind of impact you’d have on public policy – I got a list right up your ally if you want more info.

  16. Couple of things to consider…

    Larry King’s been around as long as Moses.
    That accounts for something.

    Larry King does an hour show, 45 min. with commercials.
    That needs to be analyzed.

    People watch Larry King for the guests.
    Who would watch Larry King without guests?

    Larry King had a radio show, maybe he still does, what are those ratings? Phil may have already passed him on a regular bases.

    Cable news isn’t really that big when it comes to views – least in comparison to shows and events.

    Larry King is an entirely different generation.
    When Phil’s audience get’s to be the age of Larry King’s audience, Larry King will be long dead.
    Well, maybe.

  17. Get real. You’re comparing Larry King and PhillyD? They do totally different things. It’s not a fuckin’ contest, mkay? Phil is near the top of the heap in the land of the talentless, alright? But he’s never interviewed Tito Jackson, now has he? Huh? No, didn’t think so. So suck on that.

  18. fav comment

    “Phil’s show is more fan based and viewer oriented he actually reads our opinions if you sent Larry King a letter he’d throw it into a pile that says β€œNot money””

    btw where’s mdj?

  19. i follow Phil like a hobo follows booze?, no mate i follow Phil like someone who has twitter…… ohhhh you were joking

  20. I love it when people blog about someone and they actually look into the person they are blogging about. Ok you went to sxephil’s channel, but not only that, you checked out his vlog channel too. Yay research!!. p.s. philip defranco army pwns n00bs =P

  21. Who uses solid green as their background? This site is uglier then a red headed stepchild.

    Seriously dude, get with the times.

    p.s. phil sent me.

  22. That was a very valid and well-thought out arguement. And by valid, I mean you’re an idiot. Don’t mess with the Defranco Nation. We WILL sacrifice you. And you WILL succumb.

  23. Wow! Phil’s followers really jamnmed up this blog for a day! FWIW, I used to subscribe to Phil, but got tired of his whinny voice.

    For all you Phil fans out there, I really don’t think Kevin was dissing your god; quite the opposite.

    @29: Welcome to my world.

  24. Great post Nalts!
    I think you knew that already though.

    Kind of funny to read some of the SXEtards (this is a subset of the DeFranco Nation consisting of internet trolls and their 12 year old cousins) and their comments though. People, remember, before you post an online comment, say it out loud and pretend your saying it to your mother.
    If you can’t say it in front of you mom,
    then rephrase your thought and try again!

    P.S. I’m a member of the DeFranco Nation, but some
    of these idiots need to off themselves

    Additionally, my mother approved this comment!

  25. @38 He has interviewed one of the producers for Bioshock 2 so…I think he’s gotten pretty important.

  26. C.J Crawford- I agree 100%. I too am part of the Defranco Nation and I believe Phil would be more than happy if some of these people would unsubscribe. They make us and Phil look bad. BTW Great post NALTS! Unlike some of the people here I know you weren’t putting Phil down. I’m not sure how some of these people thought that, but I guess not everyone can have an IQ over 60.

  27. only 56 comments? hmmm… and at least 1/3 is us

    I expected at least a couple hundred when all was said and done.

    maybe something’s wrong with my abacus

  28. I love sxephil, he does his shows very well with humor to.
    I also follow his vlogs and totalyawsome.
    Im a normal 26 yr girl from Holland who watches his vid just to relax and take some time of after a hard days work.
    Keep up the good work Phil!!

    xxx Sylvia

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