Export WordPress Blog (XML) to Microsoft Word (video plea)

I’ve searched for four hours on Google to determine how to transfer my WordPress blog content to a Microsoft Word document. How on Earth can this be so difficult?

Am I the first person that’s ever wanted to turn their blog into a book? I’m not looking for anything fancy. Just want to turn the default backup of WordPress (an XML file that nothing seems to recognize including BlogBooker) into something that Word can read. Willing to pay for software that makes it easy, but can’t even find a paid solution much less a free tool.

Ideally I’d like to keep the images, tags, and categories intact but I can live without that. Ideally I’d also just want the posts not the comments. The comments, which are better than the blog, deserve a separate book.


P.S. Xtranormal.com sucks.

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  1. I recently created two books from WordPress blog postings. Ended up having to copy and paste each post. That did bring across all images in their low resolution web version (they had to be replaced with print quality anyway.)

    Wish I had a better solution for you.

  2. Dang, this IS way harder than I would have originally thought. The best solution I’ve managed to find is described here:

    Basically WordPress to PDF (via BlogBooker) to MS Word (via some PDF to Doc converter).
    I’ve tested the process and it works, but it is imperfect.

    BlogBooker uses LaTeX (which I use extensively to type up my math homework) to convert the XML to PDF. If you could somehow get the TeX file that produces the PDF (not sure how…contact the creator of BlogBooker maybe?), then I could help you put that into Word.

  3. @mr_crash has alternate solutions which look promising:

    “@nalts if pdf is cool try: http://is.gd/62G1l if it has to be doc: try http://is.gd/62Gh9 in conjunction with readability – then just paste.”

    “@nalts readability is here btw: http://is.gd/62GoL – preserves pictures, does kill some formatting/weirdness.”

    By the way, the movie still “being rendered” and I can’t even tell what the thing below it is supposed to be.

    I will try to shut up now.

  4. @mr_crash has alternate solutions which look promising. Check your Twitter.

    By the way, the movie still “being rendered” and I can’t even tell what the thing below it is supposed to be.

    I will try to shut up now.

  5. if you still don’t have anything useful i can give it a try and code a lil piece of code for you. don’t expect something fancy, will be more like xml to html/css thing. but you can use that to import it to word. if interested leave a comment, don’t want to waste time for nothing.

    ps: for free…of coz

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