I’m One of the 7 Ballsiest Job Quitters

With mixed emotions I share with you the Cracked.com “7 Ballsiest Ways Anyone Ever Quit Their Job.”

I fit nicely into #6 (before you co-workers with nudity).

Some of my Merck colleagues still believe I got fired. The truth is left on decent terms, as the relationship became uncomfortable for both employer and employee. Once my identity as YouTube fart guy was linked to Merck, it was awkward for both me and my employer.

Would they have grounds to fire me over my extracurricular activity? Of course not. In fact that would be against “freedom of speech” as I never mentioned Merck. But did I want to try climbing the latter of a conservative company where my internal brand was damaged?

Anyway, while I didn’t exactly quit nude, I love the Cracked.com piece and hope I’m remembered that way.

Author: Nalts

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