YouTube’s New Blog & Video Site for Video Creators

YouTube began in 2005 with a focus on community, but in recent years has logically put most of its energy into luring more viewers with frequency, becoming profitable, and attracting professional content and ads. So it’s refreshing to see the birth of “Creators’ Corner,” with has both a blog and a spot on YouTube.

WillVideoForFood was, as the name implies, designed to help starving video creators improve and commercialize their work. But it’s written by a marketer (me), so it leans to the business and marketing side of the equation… leaving production and creative tips to more inspired websites and people. I consider myself creative, but not inspired enough to help others enrich their own creativity.

So along comes this blog and website by YouTube. I like the weekend challenge notion, which was something Revver did in its heyday. You can learn to do a product review or be inspired to make one of 9 easy video projects (some serious points for excerpting Julia Nunes to encourage you to sing).

I’m adding it to my¬†malnourished¬†blogroll, and hope they’ll point back.

Beyond the cat videos, viral hits, and popularity contests, there are throngs of isolated people with wonderful talent that deserves to be shared. And YouTube is now not just the amateur’s platform, but an onramp to the stage.

7 Replies to “YouTube’s New Blog & Video Site for Video Creators”

  1. I think the creativity corner might be the best thing YouTube’s pushed out recently. All this fancy 1080p and ‘feather’ software or whatever was kind of lackluster – at least the corner is helpful.

  2. I’m watching the show Twin Peaks. I sure hope Laura Palmer is okay.

    Oh shit… I just remember that I’ve seen this whole series before and I know how it ends!

  3. This actually sounds like a good idea – can’t believe I said that. Anyone know the person who came up with this and got it through the red tape?

    How can we find out?

  4. Youtube actually cares about the community aspect of the site again? They also care about sharing the “wonderful talent” of undiscovered creators like me to provide an “on ramp to the stage?”

    That is something I don’t believe. Nice try Nalts, but that will never happen!

  5. I would be much more inclined to take this thing seriously if they spelled it “Kreator’s Korner”, by the way. I usually trust ANYTHING with “Korner” in the name.

    Maybe they could throw in a Z instead of an S, too.

  6. Reubnick for the win on the first comment that literally made me laugh a deeply cathartic gaffaw. It felt good. My chest and shoulders untightened. I love that the guy who’s now a news anchor by day uses the Kreators Korner thing. 5 stars. GOD bring back the funny comments. Where the hell is Sukatra. Nutcheese wins second place for a characteristic nonseqeutor.

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