24 Replies to “2009 Year In Review – 2010 The Year Ahead”

  1. 2010. Maybe this can be the year that I finally make it into the partners program. Maybe I will finally monetize my videos and make the last 3 years of youtube and this hobby worth it! I’ll be successful on youtube, and the subscribers will just pile in from all over the internet! This is the year! Twitter, youtube, you name it! It is going to happen!

    Haha, I’m just kidding you guys. None of that will happen. I expect this year to be as disappointing and as unfulfilling as 2009. But at the rate youtube has been going down the tubes, I don’t even mind. I don’t expect youtube to ever return to the state it was in it it’s renaissance in 2008. I fully expect Youtube to continue to get less community oriented in 2010 and the most subscribed list will continue to be dominated by companies and big corporations…except for maybe ShayCarl or CharlesTrippy. Those guys are kind of the cockroaches of youtube (not in a mean way.) They seem untouchable at this point.

    At the very least, maybe I can go ahead and win some nice film festival prizes this year. The Reubnick has been progressing from little videos to short films recently.

  2. In 2010, Nutcheese will continue to continue to keep us updated on her bodily functions, and Alexis will continue to be annoyed by her. I will find it all very amusing.

  3. I still don’t get how YouTube is going down the tubes. I literally do the same thing on it as I have since it started and nothing impedes me.

    Cheer up Reubnick. It will eventually happen for you. You’re good.

  4. YouTube will get bigger and badder, and by Christmas ’10, will be working pretty damn well in your living room for some “passive” viewing.

  5. @3 I think NutCheese is more annoyed by me than I am by her. I wonder if she’d be less irritated if I told her I’ve been pooping almost daily recently.

    I predict most marketers will remain unenlightened stupid marketers and continue to ignore online video for the most part and remain obsessed with CPMs.

    I predict Nalts will continue to drop in the ranks on YouTube as he continues to post videos less and less frequently. (What happened to the daily videos, Kevin? Were they right about the whole turning 40 bit?)

    I predict that some of Kevin’s annual predictions will again go unfulfilled (like marketers getting smarter). TV and internet video may merge to some small extent, but the general consumer won’t care and will continue compartmentalizing the two fundamentally distinct forms of media.

    I will continue to sometimes pretend to know something about marketing and social media (and other stuff I am not well-informed about) when commenting and occasionally espouse unpopular opinions for the purpose of stirring up trouble and playing rhetorical games.

  6. @8 What idiot is responsible for the unfortunate external design of the boxee?

    @9 I find your prediction #8 rather unlikely, but what do I know?

  7. I’m not sure where “the industry” is headed, and I’m not gonna pretend I have any clue. However, I do have some goals regarding my own business as it relates:

    I’d like to become more of a resource (and hopefully an authority, at some point) to local and/or small businesses who’d like to use more online video to promote, market & advertise, using YouTube, blogs, social media, and their own websites together.

    Fewer video “contests,” and more video “contracts.”

    Gonna get better at songwriting and animation, too, and find new cool-looking, unique, unusual, creative ways to help the aforementioned businesses and contractees to tell their stories through video.

    May you all enjoy success and good fortune in 2010!

    Oh, one more thing… Would you mind clicking on my video (link) for the Age-Related Macular Degeneration contest I entered? One of the criteria is “YouTube views” and I could certainly use the boost in views.

    Thanks! Happy New Year!

  8. In 2010 I’ll be watching the economy and make sure I have at least a weeks worth of provisions.

    In 2010 CableEverything prices will go up (lock in now), as will everything else, there will be more disputes over programming. Online will see more ad revenue, but not as much as many would like.

    I predict fate, the good kind, will knock on Kevin’s door.
    I predict the one constant will be nutcheeses regularity unless she foolishly starts upping her carbs.
    I predict mdj, regardless of threats, will keep uploading videos to youtube.

    The new channel I started 6 months ago will generate some income by spring or summer, depending on time and support, and I will finally have an official website. Focus will be on settling in and monetizing all work and everything I own. Leaving the country is now an option.

    I haven’t picked a 2009 video or channel of the year this time around because few things actually grabbed my attention in a big way; and it’s not as much fun as it used to be, but I’ll list some favorites later on my blog. Watch your tweets!

  9. In 2010 I predict that I will have lots of great poops that I will share with you all. (I had an amazing BM today!)

    In 2010 Marilyn will still be my hero!

    In 2010 I predict that Alexis will finally get arrested for crossing the line with his stalking and ass kissing of Kevin.

    In 2010 I predict that Peter Coffin will purchase a clown suit and will be inspired by a new found career. I think Peter would make an awesome drunken clown at kids birthday parties!

    In 2010 I predict bobjenz will get a new icon that doesn’t make him look like sXePhil.

    In 2010 I predict that I will be able to read jischinger’s name without thinking “jiz”.

    In 2010 I predict Reubnick will hit puberty.

    In 2010 I predict Marqui and I will elope and live forever in drama free bliss.

    In 2010 I predict JimmerSD will get an icon where I’m not looking at his boogers.

    In 2010 I predict sukatra will be back to crush Alexis!

    In 2010 I predict Kevin will finally accomplish his life goal of becoming a porn star!

  10. @13 That’s hilarious. I really get the feeling that like half of you think I’m 12, don’t you?

    anyway, I agree with all of those predictions.

  11. @12 Are you going to tell us what your new channel is called or should we know that already?

    @13 What exactly would I get arrested for? I’ve not done any thing illegal as far as I know. I’m not sure what ass-kissing you’re referring to either.

  12. @13 I’m not sure if I should be overjoyed that I was finally included in one of your list or if I should be upset that I was finally included in your list.

    NC Predictions Response
    Anything that give mdj peace is a good thing, creatively maybe not.

    Reubnick should wait another 15 years.

    Your prediction that, “Kevin will finally accomplish his life goal of becoming a porn star” was pretty funny until I actually stared to think about it. [shiver]

    who is sukatra?

  13. @16 I was pondering the same thing. NutCheese mentioned me not once, but twice on her list. I think maybe she secretly has a crush on me.

    I was going to make an immature remark about how an “accidentally” leaked sex tape might do wonders for Kevin’s popularity, but I thought better of it. I’ll leave such inappropriate ribald comments to those with more experience in those areas.

    On an unrelated note, I wanted to tell you guys how much I have enjoyed interacting with such an eclectic group of idiosyncratic and eccentric individuals. Kevin seems to attract such delightfully interesting people.

  14. I predict that in 2010 Nalts will continue to ignore thousands of unread e-mails, voicemails, collections notices and traffic tickets. He’ll also go periods of time where he forgets he has a blog and not post a thing.

    Katie will get smarter, Patch will get stronger, Grant will get funnier, Charlie will get taller and Jo will continue slowly going insane because of the craziness Kevin puts her through.

    Oh, and you all will stay as strange as ever.

  15. @18: Who are you calling strange? I’m the most normal person who comments on this blog. Really, I am. Unless you misspell something. Then I’m all over you like white on rice.

  16. I’m wondering if Youtube will get better or worse on the technical side. Buffering for the final 5 seconds of a 50-second standard-def video is just bizarre but an increasingly common experience for me. Speaking of which, once and for all (or at least for Marilyn and me) Nalts will distinguish “common” and “c’mon.” Oh, LIKELY things?

  17. my you tube picks are up – click – add yours or your blog or whatever it is you have in le comments

    OR does anyone want a blog entry here just for your favorite videos?

    hoping it will draw Kevin out of his igloo and list his tops and pre-dicts for the year… he’s around here somewheres… I’m sure of it!

    tho… anyone else notice he and mdj have both been suspiciously missing about the same number of days…

  18. 2010 in 45 minutes!! Woo hoo!

    I’m partying hardy on the Internet because my husband is too lazy to go out one frickin’ night a year.

    Happy New Year everyone.

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