9 Replies to “Times Squares Hijinks”

  1. pretty pretty pretty good

    You’d guys would be great pair for a topical radio or cable news type sorta show – all yous need are a sponsor

    heck, I’ll go one better, a You Tube live show

  2. You guys should bring along Ed Bassmaster and Jack Vale next time and truly terrorize the people of New York.

    Are you still out of town, Kevin? Your tweets have been somewhat sparse recently.

  3. For some reason I want a SpongeBOB square pants doll now. Hmmmm.

    I was just glad to see that people still wanted to help out.

  4. O. M. G.

    I was just in NYC yesterday (well, on the 22nd). I SO wish I knew you were going to be there, with Jessica Kurson, no less.

    I could punt a baby seal. :/

  5. There really are few things as funny as ungraciously falling into things that you really shouldn’t. I love doing that myself.

    Great video, Nalts, but I have to ask you this. Did she talk about cats at all when you were hanging out with her? Because I remember her from Last Comic Standing. Always joking about the cats! Cats this and cats that with her! So many cat jokes!

  6. It’s not nice to talk about “terrorizing” the citizens of NYC. Anyway, I would hardly call a fat girl and a gay guy acting like jackasses “terror”. I think you may have traumatized the German tourists in the background at 1:30, though.

  7. And Nalty pretty much sums it up at the end when he says it was like therapy. Totally self-serving attention-seeking behavior. Like watching teens at the mall acting goofy to get attention. It wasn’t even very funny. Glad it made you feel better.

    Happy Fucking New Year!!!

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