Your Cell Can Make Popcorn POP?

Can a mobile phone cook popcorn? Yeah I’m calling BS on this video because the manic “talking over each other” seems contrived. Nonetheless, it was enough to spook my wife, sister, and their friends.

So I feel obliged to spread the rumor (see video), even if Spopes has put that one in the “false” category.

It’s 2009 people. Check Snopes or Urband Legend sites before spreading this stuff.

6 Replies to “Your Cell Can Make Popcorn POP?”

  1. So absurd. If you put popcorn in a microwave with thousands times the power of a cell phone, it usually takes over a minute for the kernels to start popping.


  2. Scoff if you want but I had to have a particularly egregious cell phone conversation surgically removed from my brain in February and it still hurts so……stick it in your ear for all I care.


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