Buy Discount B-Roll Footage Online (Parody)

I’ve written many times about an obvious business model: amateurs with decent cameras shoot b-roll and sell it to advertisers at a reasonable price (one time purchase, no complex royalties or licenses). This will drastically reduce the cost of the video ads that will be created in the coming years, and that will be important if marketers want creative that is more personalized by channel.

This is a great parody of the subject I found on An infomercial for cheesy b-roll. You want depressed woman with her hand on the wall? Why does she have her hand on the wall? I don’t know. That’s what depressed people do. Don’t judge the broll!

We Got That B-Roll – Watch more Funny Videos

11 Replies to “Buy Discount B-Roll Footage Online (Parody)”

  1. Hilarious video, thanks for sharing Nalts. This sort of idea reminds me of but they attract brands that want short ads, and then their production community each contributes their video in hopes of winning the top monetary prize, or any secondary prizes that may be available as well.

    I think this is a trend we will see gain traction in 2010 for sure.

  2. That’s great! I shot some B-Roll of Boston when I was first starting out. I posted it to an FTP site. The client liked it, but never paid. They said they did not use it and shot their own B-Roll. Lame. I learned from that.

  3. “Need a shot of Nalts working on a video while his family spends quality time in the background without him?” I got that B-Roll! (and it made it into the film!)

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