Worst Corporate eCard of Holidays

Let’s work together here, people, and see if we can find the worst-ever eCards from corporations. Agencies are especially gifted at providing cheesy holiday eGreetings that damage their brand. Now this one gets some credit for the script and cast, but the awkward direction, editing, and B-grade acting help land itself on the “WVFF Worst Holiday eCard” list.

Anyone else care to nominate one?

3 Replies to “Worst Corporate eCard of Holidays”

  1. I gotta give her credit, my sister Beth has interesting hallucinations. Last night with the Marshall cops & EMTs it was millions of inch-tall New Yorkers climbing along the faceboards, holding hands, in her room. Tonight she’s screaming at semi-visible midget American Indian gypsies of low moral character messing around on her furniture. I’ve got tonight’s hallucination on tape & will be uploading it to Youtube soon.

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