Drink Your Fat, Kiddies

Below is a somewhat terrifying video of a man drinking fat (source: Man Drinks Fat). It’s a product of NYC Health Department’s “Drinking Fat” campaign.

I spoke recently at a Google HealthThink event, and happened to immediately follow a presentation by the NYC Health Department’s Dr. Richard Daines (who presumably is behind this video). I had discovered his “soda versus milk” video, and decided to use that as a transition.

Daines started with some interesting stats, and used self-deprecating humor to drive home his point (eat and drink less sugar). Unfortunately, his presentation eventually spiraled into a sermon, and most of us felt condemned.

I think the crowd found some momentary relief from the awkward tension, when I opened by inviting them to help themselves to the unlimited supply of softdrinks and candy that Google was providing. I’m not sure I saw Daines laughing.

Nonetheless, this POV (not viral yet, per my previous post) drives home the message quite well. It’s just revolting enough to catch the attention of its target audience, even if it grosses out some parents in the process.

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  1. Speaking of fat, apparently in Peru people are killing for it – two guys were arrested carrying bottles of liquid human fat telling police it was worth $60Kgallon.

    I guess somehow it makes it way up here or other parts of the world filling lips and things people want puffed up or rounded out. The report said at least 60 people are listed as missing in the province.

    I don’t know that much about fat other than mixing it with lye to make soap.

    Drinking or eating it is pretty repulsive regardless of what animal it comes from.

    Tho if you’re looking to get grossed out take/give blood right after you have anything with mayo in it. You’re pretty much guaranteed to puke.

  2. I don’t even like soda, but I DO love herbal teas. All natural, organic herbal teas. Tazo. I LOVE Tazo. However, the main drink I have every day is water. I naturally drink tons of water. I’m drinking my … what … forth large glass today? (They’re not messing with you, people; when they tell you water will give you good skin, it does give you good skin. For me, it was the only thing that actually made my acne go away. Nothing else but water would clear it up.) Oh. And I drink a little bit of soymilk. I can’t have regular milk. I drink Silk. It’s great with cereal.

  3. @2 JimmerSD
    And now there’s Lipo-Rite Lite! for those watching their weight. With only 98% of the fat found in classic Lipo-Rite!, Lipo-Rite Lite! provides you with a full day’s supply of fat.*

    *Consumers are strongly urged not to eat or drink anything else all day as weight gain may occur.

    I have to say, though, the video does get one’s attention. I stopped drinking sugary drinks as a teenager and haven’t missed them.

  4. http://www.bandujo.com/f8/index_flash.html

    Bandujo Advertising + NYC Health – A Partnership Disgusting New Yorkers

    Why not use the advertising money to open more parks or physical activity/exercise programs for New Yorkers?

    They need to vilify soda so they can tax it. So they want you to lose weight by lifting the coin from your pocket.

    Ask that your tax dollars are spent on programs that do work to solve the problem.

  5. The reason so many Americans are fat is that there is corn or a corn byproduct in everything we eat.

    Unless you are cooking fresh clean foods and organic meats everyday you are eating tons and tons of corn. Which is a starch and use to stretch things out, make them fat.

    Meat eaters are eating factory animals. Cows, pigs, chickens are all getting corn to fatten them up, where as cows should be eating grass, pigs grubs, table scraps, mixed grains and chickens insects and seeds. Then there’s all the run off which ends up growing our vegetables. That’s how e-coli turned up in the spinach a couple of years ago.

    I’d bet most people would drop 7 to 10lbs if they ate noting, but unprocessed un-factory foods for one week.

    Though it might be hard to do, few people actually plan dinner any more, too tired from slaving all day.

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