Kassemg Cracks Me Up

Here’s Kassemg, who I didn’t know about until TheStation was born months ago. Watch him interview these folks in “Best of California On,” and enjoy the awkward tension. And when you get to the frame below… I dare you not to think of his “Jew-nosed” ugly girl inĀ Teen Cribs.

Need more? See his YouTube Channel for a whole series of “California On” interviews like this…

kassemg with ugly girl lady thing

11 Replies to “Kassemg Cracks Me Up”

  1. Is TheStation capable of producing anything without being crass? I’m so sick of freaking boob jokes and appeals to the lowest common denominator.

    They are somewhat entertaining, but I can only watch so much before I feel the urge to get tested for STDs.

    Kevin, don’t you ever start making trashy videos, or else I swear I’m going to kick your flabby ass.

  2. TheStation is relying on boobies and zombies (which don’t attract advertisers) to get kicking. I’m guessing it will tame down.

    Nalts can’t do trash, Alexis. Maybe a little edgy, but I’m not interested in acting like a pig to appeal to pigs.

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