80% Online-Viewers Stop Watching a Frozen (Rebuff) Video

When a video freezes it’s called a “rebuff,” and it happens 8% of each video stream. And when it does, 80% of viewers stop watching.

That’s according to TubeMogul, who track these things from the players it monitors. Tubemogul also allows publishers to push their content to all the major online-video sharing sites for free.

Are they refreshing and coming back? You wish.

No patience. Keep that in mind when you’re making your video too, because we’re willing to bet a pregnant pause has a similar effect.

This is another reason I can’t believe many of my clients still use Quicktime on their website instead of a flash player or YouTube or blip.tv embed.

7 Replies to “80% Online-Viewers Stop Watching a Frozen (Rebuff) Video”

  1. I’m going to start calling my poops “rebuffs.” I’d say I have zero tolerance for frozen videos. Very little worth the wait. So someone else must be waiting to balance me.

  2. And here I was paying attention to the phrasing and timing of my vids hoping not to leave pregnant pauses.

    Oh btw. Most all Youtube vids freeze/rebuff. I find myself hitting f5 several times until I get the damn thing to load properly. The curious thing is that this seems to happen more to the lesser known/non partner vids.

  3. Sometimes if the elevator doesn’t come, I bang the button over and over again. Thanks, JimmerSD and Marquis… now I’ll try the F and F5 keys when this happens.

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