YouTube’s Videotargeting Gives Advertisers Precision

Now you too can target an ad on a YouTube video with more precision than ever before.

Via YouTube/Google “Videotargeting” you can suggest videos based on keywords (like humor or entertainment), viewer demographics (age and gender), interest-based categories or some combination of the three. Read more on the YouTube Blog orĀ Mashable.

Says Google/YouTube: Our goal is to create an easy-to-use, self-service targeting tool for any advertiser who wants to run ads on YouTube. As this first version is in beta (and is being updated every day), it’s missing a few features, as well as content from some of our partners — like those who sell their own ads, for example.

4 Replies to “YouTube’s Videotargeting Gives Advertisers Precision”

  1. Can I suggest videos that play from start to end without freezing up? It’s gotten so bad lately that even with some of my favorite youtubers, I just exit out and don’t even bother anymore. I tell you one thing though, that advertisement never has a problem popping up!

    NEVER with your videos though Kevin…I just hit the pause and wait for it to finish downloading!!!

    Is everyone else having the same problem or is it my sorry ass cable connection?

  2. @1 yep – and my reaction is the same as yours.

    topic wise what took them so long?

    Someone fill me in on how this works because I have a FF plugin and all the ads are OFF – but do partners get more money if I click on the preroll, bottom or ad next to your video?

  3. @1 Often I can’t really tell if it is my ISP or YouTube that is causing the poor streaming. But occasionally I use the connection at school (20 – 30 Mb/sec) and it still sometimes has problems. So yeah, I think YouTube is having a hard time keeping up with all of the video constantly being uploaded. Especially with the HD and now the 1080p HD.,

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