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This comment from long-time back-row participant Reubnick: “Nalts, you and I both need to get our groove back. 2009 was not a good year for Reubnick. My advice for you is to find another giant flightless bird in the road and be surprised at it again. That is still my favorite video of yours.”

So I’m thinking… hey I can’t be the only person who has lost his/her groove. Sure, my last few dozen videos have blown. And I’ve fallen off the top 100. But did we call it quit when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor? Hell no!

Comment below and join the Get Your Groove Back Club. No ‘fing unique URL or Ning site. Just sign up for free… right here on this post. Everyone’s welcome. Even midgets can join.

Should you join? Yes, but only if 4 (or more) of these statements applies to you:

  1. 2009 has not been my favorite year.
  2. The weather is bothering me even though I can’t seem to change it.
  3. I want to punch a mime in the ear.
  4. The news sucks. I don’t even watch it, and don’t care what I’m missing.
  5. I hope I witness someone falling down today.
  6. Cars appear to be following me too closely lately.
  7. I’m already tired of Christmas songs.
  8. I wish I had a time machine to go forwards or backwards. Either one.
  9. Damn where’d that 10 pounds come from?
  10. I’m counting down to the winter solstice.

So now you’re in the club, you’re lazy, or you’re full of crap.

I should caution you- if you’re not in the club, we may choose you as our common enemy. You see, the NAFGYGBC’s mission number one is that we shall take out our frustration on someone else… not ourselves.

Nominations for the Nalts ‘N Friends Groove Club’s common enemy are welcome too. Try to stay with something more contemporary than ZeFrank. Maybe Chris Brogan, for no good reason. Or Scobleizer.

It doesn’t matter who it is. As long as we have a common enemy to forge a strong, albeit superficial, bond. We won’t hurt the enemy physically. Just public mockery. We’re not evil, we’ve just lost our groove is all. And we’ll find it.

27 Replies to “Join The Nalts & Friends “Get Your Groove Back” Club (free)”

  1. 11. Want to bend over at your co-workers desk pretending to tie your shoe and fart in his face, then cover your mouth with your hand and say, “oops!”

  2. You totally had me until the part about not hurting the enemy. What good is an enemy if you can’t kick his butt?

    I guess I am part of the club though since at least 4 of those statements are true for me.

  3. Except for this post, I wouldn’t know you’ve lost your groove. I just thought you had moved on to bigger stuff. Like the consulting and public speaking. Surely the reaction of a live audience is a bigger endorphin rush than hunching over your computer reading lame comments.

  4. Haven’t seen the sun in next to a long time. So me and my grey complexion are in. You already wore out your welcome with the Fred tweens. Hmmm…you’ve jeered the Station and have poked fun at ShayCarl. Pickins are getting kinda thin. I’d hate to see us turn on one of our own.

  5. Hey Kevin (or Jan…whoever has control over the format of this blog) can you try to put the WVFF banner directly under the links at the top? Like where the SUBSCRIBE OR PERISH link is. It’s starting to drive me bonkers having it where it is now.

  6. Hey Alexis

    I see you’re from Ft. Worth. I grew up in Tarrant County. What schools did you go to? Some fancy-pants private place I expect.

  7. Alexis- I know… and the banner isn’t clickable to return to home page (like most). Don’t know how to fix it, or get the width right. Jan? 🙂

  8. @6 Nah, I was (primarily) homeschooled up until my last couple of years of high school when I attended Tarrant Community College. After I graduated high school, I spent five semesters at UT Arlington getting my Bachelors degree (in mathematics). Right now I’m finishing my third semester in graduate school here at Texas A&M, working toward a PhD in mathematics. (Got any good Aggie jokes?)

    So pretty much all public school since high school. No fancy-pants private places. (I did spent a semester studying math in Budapest before graduate school, but I don’t know if that counts as fancy-pants or not. Oh, and language school in Guatemala one summer… is that fancy-pants?)

  9. @7 I guess that Thesis thing isn’t quite idiot proof. But then again, nothing really is. As dear old Alfred Einstein once said, “Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I’m not sure about the former.”

  10. Budapest and Guatemala? That’s more like poopy-pants. j/k I just got back from a trip to Europe, but never been to Budapest. Always wanted to go. Everyone loves it. Never been to Guatemala either. Seen Costa Rica, though. Nice.

    Had lots of friends that went to TCCC and UTA. And it seems like everybody in my high school wanted to go or did go to A&M. God knows why. j/k again.

    I’m from the HEB area.

  11. @5 if that’s the only thing bothering you, start counting your blessings

    @7 I have to put some time aside to look into this pain in the ass… I mean thesis – I have to see what I’m allowed to tweak and the best way to do it – iow I’m stalling… soon as I have the patience to suffer geeks I’ll start poking it with a stick.

    Anyone stuck in the snow?

  12. I guess I’m in the club – would rather have the time machine.

    Having lived through the unjustified blamed side of history it’s hard for me to enemyize (I made that word up) people, passing people or a meaningless phrases like Fred.

    I’m battle picking these days – which when thinking about the economy, war, housing, blah! etc… that’s probably the only thing stopping most people from going postal.

    So if Brogen was the guy who was supposed to send me $100k by yesterday, I could find some commonality in a verbal campaign of demise, but I’d be more inclined to set my sights on Bush/Cheney for war crimes and/or Goldman Sachs for financial terrorism – both could add lot of members to the club and a whole new demographic to the blog.

    hey, it’s snowing!

  13. I’m in. 2009 partially sucked, partially was awesome. Right now I’m depressed, but that has more to do with the season, I suppose. I detest upstate NY winters. Actually, it’s 60° out today, but you know the snow is coming sooner or later; it always does.

    How about we fight against auto-tuning?

  14. Dahliak you’re friends! We missed you.

    Maralyand is back two! I think autotewning mays be perfict.

    Jan… feel free to pull the stupid thesis ad. Like every affiliate program (accept bluewhatever which I haven’t checked) it’s zzeeerrroooo amazon, B&H, cafepress. Stupid affiliate noise and ads. Hey how about I start paying you, Jan… with affiliate income.

  15. 1. 2009 has not been my favorite year.
    This has been an AWESOME year for me! Suck it whiners!

    2. The weather is bothering me even though I can’t seem to change it.
    I love the weather here! I love the cold! Suck it up pussies!

    3. I want to punch a mime in the ear.
    No need to want… when I see a mime I just hit them.

    4. The news sucks. I don’t even watch it, and don’t care what I’m missing.
    I watch the news. Well… the Daily Show and The Colbert Report. The news is funny!

    5. I hope I witness someone falling down today.
    No need to want… I’m just gonna push someone. Hey Alexis… where are you at?

    6. Cars appear to be following me too closely lately.
    I ride the bus.

    7. I’m already tired of Christmas songs.
    I love Christmas songs! I’m addicted to Christmas movies too! Ho Ho Ho all you ho’s! Get in the spirit of the season you grumpy bastards!

    8. I wish I had a time machine to go forwards or backwards. Either one.
    No way… I’m right where I want to be. Live for the moment you pessimist. My cup is half full… of vodka!

    9. Damn where’d that 10 pounds come from?
    From eating WTF I want… and loving every minute of it!

    10. I’m counting down to the winter solstice.
    Hell no! I savor every day where the sun gets out of my face at an earlier time.

    Get off your pity pots you whiny douche bags! Well… except for Marilyn… you can do anything you want because you are Marilyn. You rock no matter what mood you’re in.

    Alexis… thanks for sharing your life history. It was deep.

  16. @NutCheese I just told you where I am in my “life history”. I’ll send you an autographed copy of my 450 page autobiography as soon as I can find a company willing to publish it. Oh, and good luck trying to knock me over.

    1. My favorite year is 314 B.C. (for no good reason). Too bad I wasn’t alive.

    2. It just started getting cold down here. I used my heater for the first time this season. I hate the cold.

    3. Punching a mime would be funny, but it’s funnier when you kick them in the shins.

    4. The news I do hear sucks. I don’t keep up with it. It’s too depressing.

    5. I do hope I see someone fall down today. If all else fails, I guess I can always watch prat falls of Nalts.

    6. I don’t drive. I ride my bike and avoid traffic whenever possible.

    7. Actually, I don’t think I’ve heard any Christmas songs yet this December. I don’t listen to the radio and I generally avoid creepy places that do.

    8. A time machine would be awesome! So many practical applications.

    9. I did gain about three pounds over Thanksgiving. They have since evaporated, even though I’ve been trapped in my office studying all week and have not been in the gym for over a week.

    10. Definitely counting the days until the solstice. It is so depressing when it starts getting dark at 5 or 6 PM.

  17. 2009 was a pretty good year for me. I had tumor surgery that permanently paralyzed only part of my face, I quit smoking after 35 years, I dropped 40 pounds without going on a diet, I made more money from Adsense than I’ve ever made at anything else online, I found a great mechanic a few blocks away who likes to work overnight and on weekends and I’ve met some nice people at the local soup kitchens. I unplugged my TV and put it away in my closet. I don’t care what’s going on elsewhere. I’m saving up to buy a nice electric bicycle for when Youtube goes belly up and then its adios muchachos, I’ll be off to explore something in the real world.

    Yeah, it’s been a good year. Sorry yours hasn’t.

  18. @13 it’s a secret code for Japan

    @16 only if it’s double, no triple what I’m getting now. I’m thinking big 😉

    actually you should dig up the adsense, help me fulfill my mission of bankrupting google!

  19. There we go! I like that, a Groove retrieving club. Let’s just say some of my motivation has returned.

    I say we do what Marquis suggested in that other post. A WWFF collab. How the crap has that not happened yet? All these years, and NOTHING? Plus, I’m also in a collab mood lately because I haven’t felt like writing any new original material.

    As for our common enemy? I would still probably say Renetto. Even though that guy seems to have vanished from the internet since that Vloggerheads escapade, I still haven’t gotten over blaming everything on him all the time.

  20. Renetto WAS fun to blame, wasn’t he, Reubnick? Yeah. Good times. I took some sound clips from Triumph of the Will (Nazi speeches) and embedded them into a spoof of Renetto’s “Tube It” song. Hahaha! Paul was gracious about it. All he replied was a terse “Nice.” Y’all know what that means. Anywho, I’m starting to feel like your boring old Uncle Pat rambling on about the good old days here.

    Pull my finger.

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