Highschool Reunion Video (Mediocrefilms)

This is the kind of video I’m going to make when I get my groove back. Damn Benson your shit don’t stink. I literally grabbed my chest laughing at two points: The husband discovering the shaving, and the one moment I know wasn’t planned… the dog wearing that Chad Vader hat.

I just wish you’d lose that Dawsoncrockerbuckley fedora and get a Nalts hat. Oh that’s right. You offered to wear one if I mailed you one and I haven’t. Well it’s hard to keep track of you… Florida, Texas, California.

14 Replies to “Highschool Reunion Video (Mediocrefilms)”

  1. Nalts, you and I both need to get our groove back. 2009 was not a good year for Reubnick.

    My advice for you is to find another giant flightless bird in the road and be surprised at it again. That is still my favorite video of yours.

  2. You see the problem with hooking up with people from that long ago is maybe you really really don’t want to know how they really really turned out….really.

    Grooving sounds fun. Hey I got an idea. How about a WVFF collab..or not…dunno.

  3. @7, 8….Mmmm, might have to head back over there this weekend. I’ll be thinking about you guys while I’m stuffing my face and have BBQ sauce all over my mouth! 🙂

    Never been to Snow’s, but if its anything like Salt Lick, I bet it’s good! Is it all you can eat? That’s the SL’s claim to fame in addition to the awesome BBQ.

  4. @8 No I’ve never been to Lexington. But if it lives up to my golden rule of great BBQ it has to good.

    @9 We never come home without a box full of Meyers Elgin Sausage. (sigh)

  5. @9 It’s not buffet style, but Texas Monthly listed it as the best BBQ in Texas last year (for whatever that’s worth). It’s only open Saturday mornings. You have to get there early before they sell out of meat.

  6. Nalts, come visit us in Texas for a BBQ eating weekend sometime. We’ll try out all the top smokehouses to see which is the best. Maybe we could visit the Bluebell ice cream factory in Brenham and/or the Dr Pepper factory in Dublin too. Or organize a YouTube gathering in Austin. What do you say Nalts? It’ll be fun!

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