Viral Video Reports from Grave: Still Dead

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Just when I was feeling mortal for falling off the top 100 most-subscribed YouTube partner list (a fact that ZackScott and PeterCoffin felt compelled to remind me via voicemail), I scored placement on Huffington Post via the lovely and talented Daisy Whitney.

Check out this report from iMediaConnection in Vegas (or LA or SanFran, I’m not really sure), and thanks to Jan for alerting me… she’s constantly validating her top listing on the blogroll below!

You’ll see me dart past during her intro, and the camera work was by the cool and passionate Mike Donnelly from Coke. Please keep your comments focused on her hair, and not about the heady items we discuss.

And Zack and Peter you can suck it because I’m back at 99 on the list, beeatches.

32 Replies to “Viral Video Reports from Grave: Still Dead”

  1. You are #99 most viewed all time too. You used to make up in quantity what you sometimes lack in quality, but ironically since leaving Merck you’ve been posting videos less and less.

    You have people on Twitter requesting prank videos:
    “frogking55: @nalts im begging you to make a new prank video, it’s been so long my brother-from-another-mother <3"

  2. Kevin still has a crush on Daisy.

    And, oddly enough, I agree with Alexis. The number of your videos has decreased since leaving Merck. C’mon, Kevin, get on the ball and make more videos!

  3. Marilyn… I was talking to Sukatra on the phone the other day and she asked about the WVFF crew and I was telling her about the issue Alexis has with pooping only 2 times a week. Let’s just say Alexis should be thankful she hasn’t been around. He better not get to comfortable though because she’ll be back.

  4. Okay, this Brightcove-hosted video streamed SO MUCH MORE smoothly than the hurky-jerky, stop & start, jitterbuggy, poorly-streamed Youtube-hosted videos. So much smoother. Very very much smoother. Noticeably so.

  5. Okay. This Brightcove-hosted video streamed SO MUCH MORE smoothly than the hurky-jerky, stop n start poorly streamed Youtube-hosted videos. Noticeably so. Very very much smoother.

  6. @10 I think I’m probably up to 3 times per week now if that makes you feel any better. I’m looking forward to getting to know this Sukatra person better; she seems interesting based on what I do know about her already.

    @11&12 It’s hardly surprising how much better a company can deliver video when they filter out so much amateur garbage by charging $99/mo (minimum). Did you notice that YouTube is introducing 1080p HD video? As if they’re not bogged down enough with the 720p HD video…

  7. @16 I don’t know if you are being serious or not, so I’ll pretend you are. 1080 refers to the resolution (1920×1080), ‘p’ for progressive (as opposed to interlaced).

    Wikipedia it:

    Which reminds me…
    Kevin, you should probably use progressive for online video. You get annoying artifacts when you slow down interlaced video (like in your Amazing Kitten! video around 2:38 — )

  8. I need to just start leaving voice mails about anything and everything. AudioBlogging on your voicemail.

    This, by the way, most likely won’t happen because I laugh about this kind of thing for a few minutes and then don’t do it because it’s work.

  9. How about if Nalts starts outsourcing his video production to India.
    C’mon – everyone is offshoring these days.
    I’m thinking “farting in public (the juicy curry edition)” or “I are a cute monkey”

  10. Nalts, I have to say that I am quite the fan of the thumbnail for that video.

    and who is Alexis? Have I missed something recently in the comments section on here? I haven’t been paying as much attention as usual.

  11. Nalts, it looks like you’ve fallen off the top 100 most subscribed partners list again. You’ve also slipped to #100 on the most viewed all time list.

    @25 I am Alexis. Ph34r m3!!1!

  12. oh, I see. Alexis, you are the least intimidating person of all time?

    No, I’m just kidding. I just hope you don’t actually want me to fear you, though, because that won’t ever happen with leet speak.

  13. Did you blow an opportunity? I was looking for the infamous “Nalts” mug in your hand.

    So your saying, you throw enough crap around and some of it actually sticks?

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