Even iJustine’s Dad Likes Fred’s Christmas Cash Song

Oh sure. It’s vogue to slam poor little Fred. But you know damned well this little Christmas Cash music video will have you singing the refrain just like iJustine’s dad. Try to resist it, and it will tempt you all the more.

For your convenience, I’m linking to the refrain to save you the 1:00 minute it takes to warm up. Fred Cash Music Video.

6 Replies to “Even iJustine’s Dad Likes Fred’s Christmas Cash Song”

  1. Ewww. The tune is not catchy enough to get stuck in my head. In fact, I just watched it and I can’t even remember how it goes. My brain seems to be fairly discriminating about what it remembers lately. I think I need an external brain to store extra stuff on.

    I usually dislike getting cash for Christmas (or birthdays). I already have more money than I need. I’d rather people get me something I wouldn’t buy (or wouldn’t even think to buy) for myself. Of course that requires more thought and effort for those doing the giving.

    What would you like for Christmas, Kevin, other than cash?

    Why am I getting blocked?

  2. I don’t hate anyone on YouTube. I can’t stand this song or video, but man. The fact that Fred has penetrated pop culture like he has is an achievement.

    How he did it on the material he makes, I don’t know. I don’t like his material at all, but more power to him.

  3. Peter Coffin, don’t be naive. It’s not an accomplishment that Fred has “penetrated pop culture like he has” it’s a national embarrassment!

    What does it say about our society when our children enjoy watching garbage like this? Yay America! Yay money, more money, all i want is money! Forget family/values/thankfulness I want money!

    No wonder America is seen in such a negative light in other countries.

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