Flying Insects Carry Advertisements

You have GOT to love this. Tiny banner ads tied to flies, and the insects were set free during a conference. I’m thoroughly impressed in such a strange way. Although I have to wonder what the floor looked like at the end of the day.

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  1. I don’t like change. Of course, if I had my way, we’d all live like the Amish, so maybe I’m a little wacky.

  2. God Europeans are weird. I was just there for work, and I kept thinking “no wonder my ancestors got the hell outta here.”

  3. Yey- now we can see each other! It’s like we’re in a room. But we’re not. We’re in our own homes thankfully because frankly none of us would know what to say if we were together.

  4. I’ll bet PETA isn’t happy about this.

    (Not sure if I like the new layout but I’m assuming it’s still a work in progress. How do the little profile pics work?)

  5. Why can’t I get smooth streaming from anything in Youtube the last 2 weeks? It’s VERY annoying!!!! VERY!! I can’t watch more than 15 seconds of this stuttering stuff.

  6. I can’t figure out how to get the little avatar to show up along with my name. How does it work? Some of the comments from blog posts from years ago even have the cute little icons.

  7. first, I hate editing style sheets – blah!
    there are otHer optIons iN Themes

    second, I hate flies, they are a pestilence and spread nothing, but disease.

    This video made me want to swat them the first time I saw it and had I’d been there it would have been a blood bath with a rolled up Onion in one hand and a program pamphlet in the other.

    Sorry, no cute factor thumbs up here, waaaaay too creepy.

    – unless….
    inserted in each fly was a tinny tiny audio computer chip with an ever so tiny voice repeatedly screaming, “Help Me!”

    now that would have been creepy cool cute

  8. @3 me either, just cause I have to stop and get used to something new that I once did quickly and automatically, and I never through this blog would change. Though I think the lay out is better, it’s kinda boring and it’s css editing so this is as good as it gets from my perspective 😉

    @9 I think you have to subscribe to the blog or be logged into wordpress otherwise it just assigns you the default icon.

    @7 cause all the HD videos are hogging up bandwidth, not to mention at least 1/5 of the servers are bad and the tech, yes there’s only one at You tube, is yelling, “Captn’ she cannae take any more! she’s gonna blow!”

  9. Free turkeys!!? Where? Where?

    Yeah, HD videos are jamming up Youtube. So I did my part, comrads. I started uploading my videos in the smallest, least disc space-using H264 compression settings: 448×252 at 128kbs, 24fps. Screw posterity. It’s all almost over anyway. I’ll be in jail for splittin’ my evil sister’s head open with a slingblade soon. I can feel it.

  10. Well, the change didn’t fix everything. You kept the feature that keeps marking me as a spammer.

  11. Woh what happened to the site? I guess I can get used to the new crayola color scheme, but please don’t do the “read the full article” thing. Absolutely hate that…… you have to click on a billion things if you miss a few days to catch up on stories instead of just reading one page and then going to page2 if they run off of the first.

  12. I agree with Urgo. It’s really annoying when the posts are cut off like that. I kind of miss having a banner too. Things are looking rather plain around here.

  13. I gotta figure out how to get my banner back. Urgo… let me see if I can drop the truncate. I thought it was cool because you could decide what you wanted to read without having to scroll through a few pages of my long posts.

  14. Nalts, maybe its just how I browse pages and you want to get some other opinions (though I see Alexis agrees too), but I rather just scroll rather then click. Another benefit is even if the top of the post/title doesn’t appeal if I see a video, a highlighted block, or something below that does look interesting you can go back and read the whole thing.

  15. Urgo- fixed the banner and colors. ALL BY MYSELF! I even edited a CSS sheet. Now Ize got to figure out how to turn off truncation. Man I love the little pictures. Wonder where they come from.

  16. @20-22
    Kevin, if you actually wrote really long posts then then truncating them *might* be a better option, but they aren’t usually much longer than a few paragraphs in which case it is much more convenient to scroll.

    The little pictures are WordPress gravatars (as Jan pointed out earlier). Where did the little critters come from for the people who don’t have a WordPress account though? (I like them much better than the default icon.)

  17. looks great Kevin – good job!

    Makes me want to clean-up the house.

    The pictures come from people who subscribe or if they have a wordpress blog and are logged in it uses their profile pic. If you don’t have either the monsters are now the default.

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