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  3. I advice everyone to carefully peruse tubemogul stats, especially the tracking line graph.
    The day when the new channel style was enforced on all users is the time when views across many channel went south, that tracking graph is sinister, the slightest change in direction can indicate huge swings in views.

    Only some tubers have surfed the last 5 weeks with any success, one of them Household Hacker, thus had me very curious.

    I am starting to stare at almost a 50% decline in views, and I can’t see a way of arresting this trend, I used to have peak highs of 60K views a day, not any more.

    Personally I feel the new channel style breaks down the networking fabric of the old classic channel, and puts favorites as a second class citizen, many big tubers used the favorites area as a promotional zone to help others, I certainly did.

    I also feel there is a huge tuber backlash going on, the youtube forums have some very long and nasty threads related to the now channel page, there is never a response from youtube, this change I feel will be something Google will regret as I feel it’s time for damage control.

    What is strange is the almost silence surrounding this downfall of views, and the way it started just after the 1 Billion views a day announcement, I tell you all I saw was a smoke screen covering the blanket roll out of the new channel style.

  4. @13 I’ve looked at the tubemogul stats but I’m not noticing any dominant trends across numerous profiles. When exactly was the new channel style implemented for all users?

    I think they should show the views per day (the derivative of the total viewership) instead. It would be much easier to notice trends.

    Nalts, you are slipping in the ranks man. You’ve fallen off the top 100 all time most subscribed list recently and you are getting dangerously close to slipping off the top 100 most subscribed partners and top 100 all time most viewed at #98 for both (as of this comment). I think some prank videos are in order if you are concerned about keeping up with the sexy tweens who currently seem to dominate.

  5. Hi Alexis.
    Look carefully at the tube mogul tracking line graph, grab a ruler and place it under the line, if it’s curving even slightly down this can in fact reflect a huge swing in viewership, look carefully at the vieweing numbers on this tracking graph as it is different depending on the overall view figures.

    Even Mr Nalts would have suffered a swing down as he has a slight change of angle going on.

    I know from my own chart the tube mogul stats show the slightest downturn, the shocking reality in youtube insight and via adsesne data shows a giant swing down.

    The tracking graph in tubemogul has just gone past the point where you could see everyones data before the new channel was swept across the whole network, it was as if someone had flicked a switch and shut down part of the network, from what I can see it has not recovered.

    As yet I can’t pin point a reason for this, possibly the partners are keeping quiet for fear of speaking out.

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