ShayCarl Missing From YouTube’s Most-Popular Page. Fans Terrified.

In news that shocked regular YouTube viewers, creator “Shaycarl” is not on today’s “most-popular” page.

Shaycarl, a radio disk jockey turned full-time YouTube star, has been on a rapid rise in subscribers and views (evidenced by Google trends data below), propelled exponentially an assload in recent months due to his affiliation with “TheStation,” a popular collaboration channel of YouTube’s largest stars.


But Shay has not posted in 19 hours. His “Baby Can Slam Dunk” video was posted more than 19 hours ago, and his “Giant Dog” was dated 9/31 and posted more than a day ago.

Shay was not available via phone or e-mail, and has largely secluded himself into a DannyJames Arthur DayDiamond sweat lodge tent in recent months.

thestation sweat lodge

Shaycarl’s last Twitter post was 11 hours ago, and his fans have become alarmed that his biggest hater gentle hater has abducted him. The hater (known as MisterDoodyHead) is presumably based in Venice Beach, California… based on his referring to “out here” as Shay’s current location. Reports of Shay being beaten by a car-seat have not been verified by local authority.

Fortunately ShayCarl’s YouTube account shows activity as of four hours ago, and he will presumably return to most-popular by midnight… unless Sxephil and CharlesTrippy upload more than 100 videos today.

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16 thoughts on “ShayCarl Missing From YouTube’s Most-Popular Page. Fans Terrified.”

  1. This article is ridiculous! So fake… i mean, how could Shay have a hater?

    I joke dood, i joke. Funny stuff man. I wonder how YouTube would react if one day ShayCarl just stopped posting. Wow… You-Tube-Pocalypse!

  2. LAME! Mr Doody Head is none other than an Alias for NALTS! Spell it sideways and backwards, then throw it on a scrabble board, you’ll see. i’ll take a diet coke with that and a ham samich bitch!

  3. Hey Nalts,
    Is calling misterdoodyhead a “Hater” really the right term to be using? From what I have seen, he seems more apt to just criticize his style of comedy and how he lives his life. Heck millions of people do that everyday in videos on youtube. Either way, I don’t think Misterdoodyhead has done anything to capture or kidnap Shay. Maybe shay’s beard imploded.

    Peace, Ace77man

  4. This is at least the third time you’ve abused the term “exponentially” in the last couple months, Kevin. Those graphs show a more or less linear growth rate.

    Do you not know what the term means or do you just like to piss off the math pedants?

  5. Great! As long as Shaycarl is missing, others will now have a chance to rise the charts of youtube for making daily 37 minute long videos about nothing!

  6. @7 Lolz…”an assload”. Much better.

    I don’t really follow this Shaycarl dude (or CharlesTrippy or Sxephil).
    They are just too popular (and they’re just not as cute as you are ;-)).

  7. OMGg I need my fix of Shey Nanniganss! We Love you Shay. My posse is Organizing a Search Team. I am Frantic. This here `Tard Family jus Wont be the same until we can Locate you. Mr. Doody Suckks Ass! HANG IN THERE, Buddy! Wherever you are Shay…..We Love you!!

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