Horror Mop: Swiffer Halloween Parody

This is hysterical. A parody of the Swiffer commercials (with the abandoned and dejected mop). But this Halloween, he’s back with a vengeance. And for the record, this is via AdRants. I’m not exactly the most macho guy in the world, but don’t spend time on Logo. No really, check my ISP data. Just not the eye heat-map records. Who can look away from a bulge? Really.

14 Replies to “Horror Mop: Swiffer Halloween Parody”

  1. One of my favorite Youtube comments:

    “Please dont post anything again. That was the messiest piece of $H1T I have ever seen! I couldnt tell what was going on! It made me feel like
    I was on drugs or something.”

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  3. I answered you but my answer was blocked. Irritating. Again. Really getting irritating.

    So now, as I wrote before: if you google search the name of this blog, will…..forfood, the fifth result is (www) (dot)websiteoutlook(dot)com/will….forfood.

    The sixth result is interesting too.

  4. The ninth result says you have 1,184 visits per day. Wow! Ah, but the sixth result says 49 percent of your readers have no college education. I’m not in that group of dummies.

  5. How do they know the demographic information?
    I’m pretty sure my age, ethnicity, and education level etc. are not encoded into my IP address.

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