Another Good Reason Not to Immitate YouTubers

So some kids got cited by police for rapping a McDonalds drive-through order. You can see they look like criminals. If I was Nancy Grace, I’d pronounce them guilty, and save the justice system a fortune.

McDonalds rapping drive thru kids get cited by police

I’m not sure I can top this quip by AdFreak’s David Griner:

As a public service, AdFreak would like give a nugget of advice to the teens of America: If Taco Bell’s ad team has already beaten you to co-opting some lame white-boy Internet meme, it might be time to find a new prank.

Try the fart machine while stealing french fries, kids. It’s good for a laf.

10 Replies to “Another Good Reason Not to Immitate YouTubers”

  1. I was wonder what they could have possibly said, then I read the AP account. Seems to me the police overreacted by citing them. A, ‘move along now boys’ warning would have sufficed.

    I figure American Fork, UT has either one too many Barney Fifes on the force or the city needs the revenue.

  2. @3 – R&L have a pass on this stuff because they are good. People who suck are not allowed to do silly things, because when they do it’s an autofail.

    @5&6 – It IS Utah, where dancing isn’t allowed at night. Seriously…

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