14 Replies to “World’s Stupidest Inventions”

  1. OK, the beating breasts were just creepy, but what’s so stupid about a marshmallow shooter? It’s a classic cubical warfare toy.

  2. @4 I haven’t noticed. Probably because my internet connection is being really slow lately.

    My connection speed was a blistering 11 KB/sec earlier today.

    I’d upgrade, but I’m locked in to whatever contract my apartment complex has with the Internet Service Provider.

  3. I think the coolest invention is the Priarrius or the Ferrarius or whatever you want to call it in your latest video!

    I think Jo needs one of those fake baseball cracked thru the window decals next!

  4. I remember when Kevin shut down his Revver blog (Revverberation). It was just like this. He slowed down his posts. Then stopped. Then announced it “went dark” after he set up this one.

  5. @9 Kind of sad isn’t it. His hair blog hasn’t been updated recently either (in fact, it’s been over a month).

    His video uploads have slowed down significantly too. Remember when he would upload a video every time you poop? I don’t know about you, but I think I’ve probably pooped more than 5 times this month.

  6. @10
    Oh, I always uploaded twice as much as he ever did. He got more views, but I worked harder. I’ve uploaded nearly 2,000 videos (and deleted half of them, the worst ones). Kevin has always been laissez-faire about quantity. Remember his Get Fit channel? Nobody else does, either. Hahaha! No, if you wanna hear from Kevin these days, you gotta tweet him. Hey, it’s twick or tweet season….

  7. Well, like I said before, I’ve seen it before. First he was all Revver, all the time. Then he dropped that for the wider genre of viral video. Now he’s gone social networking. C’mon, Kevin, I know you’re working on a social networking feed out there somewhere, maybe in Pahrump.

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