Deadbeat Dads Unite in “At Least We’re Not Heene” Anthem

Richard Heene to Be November Centerfold for Deadbeat Dad Magazine

Deadbeat dads everywhere are celebrating the fact that they’re perhaps not the worst dad in the United States. That title belongs to Richard Heene, who tugged our heartstrings, lied, and made his kid hide in a box for hours… all for publicity. TMZ showed one of the public “smoking guns,” a public profile he created late in November pitching himself for reality television. Turns out, TMZ reports, Heene already has a criminal record.

My advice last week to my kids was “never hide from us or police.” My new advice, “don’t lie to police, even I was stupid enough to pull something like this.”

Here’s an article that shows the tool in a bra on YouTube. I figure it needs a few more inbound links.

Seems Richard Heene could face charges as high as $2 million, although these are rare. There’s also comfort in knowing that this has undermined Heene’s credibility enough to likely kill his goal of a reality television show. I’ve never protested a network, but I can guarantee I’d make the biggest possible stink of any network that paid him a dime for this story or any future circus.

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  1. Wow… he’s more of a media whore than even you Kevin! That takes effort. Kudos to him. I hope he becomes a star! I’m going to start a Heene fan club. He’s my hero.

  2. @2 The difference is Kevin is honest about his blatant self-promotion. They both use their children to boost their own popularity though.

  3. the media helped create this whole thing and I suspect eventually, papa will get his wish and the more people protest the more money and opportunity this guy will get – three words – Joe the Plumber

    There must be a lot of radiation leaking out of your camera Kevin, cause I think you stepped off the deep end ?
    There’s no moral authority in the US anymore,
    Look at the banks – biggest heist in US history.
    health care – 122 people dies every DAY for lack of coverage, that more than 44,000 a year
    education – more than 50% do not even graduate, literacy is dropping, illiteracy is climbing.

    All of the above should be on everyone’s tongue, but hardly.

    If you really want to stop this attention seeking, oh give it to me daddy manwhore from getting more attention and bigger bucks, do what we do with the above topics, ignore.

    steps off soap box and cracks open the Xbox

  4. Gotta disagree with you on this one Kevin – Nutcheese is right. This guy played the media with an epic stunt. Sure, you’ve pranked a McDonald’s employee or an airport or a speaking engagement with a pratfall, but this guy pranked the whole of the media in the US!

    I also wonder if you are so quick to judge because the criticism of Heene is hitting so close to home. I know plenty of sticks-in-the-mud who would place a public fart machine display in the same category as tricking the police.

    Maybe one day the whole media will fall for one of your pranks, too. Man, that would be a great day, wouldn’t it?

    Good Luck,

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