32 Replies to “Turns Out Twittering is as Profitable as Blogging”

  1. You’re not hard to find.

    My obsession has been ancestry.com
    I found a direct relative who fought with an infantry battalion from Iowa in the civil war. He was promoted, and ended up leading a colored infantry division in Arkansas. I guess only whites could be officers. His family is listed on an 1880 census form. There is a column on the form that asks the census taker to write in if, on the day of the visit, the person is too sick to do their normal duties, and what their ailment is. The only person for whom anything is listed in this column is my relative. The ailment listed? Chronic diarrhea.

  2. Wait a minute! How is THIS website not blocked from school, but Incompetech is? That is outrageous!!

    Yes, this comment is entirely unrelated to the post, but I am angry, and needed to vent a little bit during study hall.

  3. @13 / 14 Haaa! MDJ, you’re my Old Faithful…I can count on you to be there when I send out my first tweet after a year hiatus! Jimmer, turn that frown upside down! 🙂

    I think Nut should be crowned the FRA (Fecal Rights Activist) doo-gooder of the year! Hey, CNN’s having a vote for hero of the year…I think they accidentally left her out!

  4. These comments seem to derail from the blog post topic pretty quickly. (But there wasn’t much to discuss about this post anyway…)

    I guess it is not without reason that Nalts called the WillVideoForFood back row “some of my bizarre online video fans” during a live interview(?) a couple weeks ago. (Or so says some dude who actually watched it.)

    This blog certainly does seem to attract some wonderfully, uh, eccentric individuals.

    Kevin, I would love to see a vlog where you talk about some of the unusual people who follow you. (Not me; I’m perfectly normal, got it?)
    (By the way, do you even actually read these comments on a semi-regular basis?)

  5. @8 @12 He’s actually replied to me but still doesn’t follow. I deal with it by softly crying myself to sleep each evening while constantly refreshing his latest video in the hopes that one day my contribution may help Charlie be able to attend a modestly priced junior college.

    @13 I follow you Marquis, but am admittedly afraid to click on any of the links you post.

  6. @28 Hey! What did I do to deserve a bitch slap?

    Marilyn, everybody loves you. Some of us even spell your name correctly.

  7. @30 No. I think I did yesterday or maybe it was the day before yesterday…I don’t really keep track.

    So you think that’s why NutCheese doesn’t like me?

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