Mom Blogs? No Time. Let’s Try Mom Online Video.

There’s no shortage of blogs written for and by mothers. But WifeofNalts now has a new YouTube channel called “Joeymoms.” The purpose is to bring relevant content to moms in a fun, irreverent way in a delivery medium for which moms have time… video. The name was chosen for two reasons. First, there are virtually no other common mom names available. Second, a YouTube channel needs to be about a person not just a topic. Rather than WifeofNalts or MomTubers or something, we went with Joeymoms… kinda like Nerdfighters. It’s hosted by Joey, but bigger than her. Hoping a community of other moms forms, and maybe this channel attracts some new people to YouTube.

There’s one thing that’s certain. There’s no shortage of advertisers trying to reach moms, and most of them want content by moms (as opposed to a male creator that happens to have a large audience of mothers). While this isn’t likely to rival Fred or Nigahiga, it’s getting my wife excited about the YouTube community, and I’ve found her migrating from Facebook to her channel in her scarce spare time.

The tricky thing about mom content is that it can be lifestage dependent, and boring. Moms typically form community around specific milestones like new babies, toddlers, teenagers, or “off to college.” That’s too niche for a new channel, so she’s trying to speak to a broader range of moms. It’s kinda Momversations meets The View meets Entertainment Tonight. Done for and by moms, but not devoted to mom topics exclusively… for moms that are more than moms.

Whatya think? I’m racking my lil’ marketing brain trying to figure out how to grow it, so it can be a resource for moms… showcase other YouTube channels and good online resources for this audience.  The fundamental question is this… there aren’t many popular mom channels on YouTube. Is that because there’s not a market for it, or simply that nobody has cracked the code? We’ll find out!

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  1. Interesting idea, but I’m not sure YouTube is the best environment for a community of mothers. It’s a little strange seeing comments from moms interspersed with the MILF comments from the trolls.

    I may be totally wrong of course, but YouTube seems like an unlikely place for moms to come together and interact and I’m having a hard time even imagining what a vibrant community of mothers on YouTube would look like.

    I’m curious to see what that lil’ marketing brain of yours comes up with.

  2. @3 Sometimes you get blocked for some reason. I haven’t figured out exactly why. I usually seem to get blocked most often when I try to include a URL in the comment.

  3. It’s not going to work. Moms are too tired to make video responses and put themselves out there for scrutiny and ridicule. It’s just about the worst forum imaginable for moms. Moms want one on one contact or quick, low pressure internet stuff like facebook. They don’t want to have to worry about how to make a video, and how they look and all that stuff. There may be a few moms who were in drama or choir, and just need to perform, but they are not in the majority.

  4. Ok, well, I’ll try being brief then. Nalts, I think you may be hitting the mom market (parent market) already with the kid vids. Parents are watching them b/c they watch what their kids watch. I’ll be interested to see how the experiment plays out. I, in my very, very limited experience, have found that vids about kids more intersting/funny to watch than vids about parents.

  5. The only way I see moms getting involved in video en masse, is when facebook has a video instant messaging feature.

  6. And if you want people to watch, it’s going to have to be funnier and more interesting than what you’ve done so far. Your wife can be more entertaining than what you’ve shown in those two videos. And I think you’re going to have to go a little deeper than “what about people that gave out pennies?” I don’t know how deep you really want to go on YouTube, but you’ve got to give people more to chew on if you want more of them to watch.

  7. I think it CAN work, but the content has to be placed somewhere other than exclusively on YT… Having a YT channel is fine, but getting that content embedded on more Mom-friendly blogs & websites, I think is far more likely to be well-received and sought-out…

    Moms spend their time worrying about what their kids are watching on YouTube… Seems counter-intuitive for them to post content on that same forum…

    But that’s not to say you can’t USE YT as a vehicle to put your content where it WILL be embraced…

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