Nancy Grace Rips John Gosselin New Hole

You go, Nancy Grace. Don’t hold back. Your rage makes killer TV. Here’s a clip from “The Insider,” wear Nancy Grace tears John Gosselin (John and Kate Plus Eight) a new hole.

For years you had your children on reality TV. Suddenly you want it all to come to an end. Oh you have your lawyer here? What’s important is the children, not these self absorbed husband and wife who argue in front of the children? You talk the talk, but don’t walk the walk. You can’t go out with one 22 year old and the next while she’s at home with the children. That’s not working it out, John Gosselin. Why is this about you? Can he even speak without you piping in?

24 Replies to “Nancy Grace Rips John Gosselin New Hole”

  1. “Can he even speak without you piping in? ” OMG, is she serious!? Has she watched any of her own episodes? LOL, Michael Jackson’s “Man in the mirror” song popped into my head. That biznatch needs a taste of her own medicine.

    You know you got to make that chaaaaange!!!!! woMan in the mirror!

  2. OK, who the hell is this guy? Is he Asian, half Asian? What did he do before his wife had a bunch of kids? So for a while that family was supposed to be the model of the happy and chaotic family. And wasn’t he all spiritual and shit? So now I always see pictures of him wearing all those douchebag cool clothes and holding a drink and sitting next to some 20 something girl. Is it any surprise that it’s turned out this way? Why are all reality TV families a disaster?

  3. Nancy Grace is way more annoying that John and Kate. Don’t get me wrong… John and Kate are plenty annoying too.

    I think Nancy Grace is constipated. That has to be the reason she’s so bitter and obnoxious.

  4. I know who he is. Never watched the show, but always see his family on the cover of Us. Amazing that you can become famous and rich simply by being fertile d-bags.

  5. I think I like Nancy Grace. I never watch her, but it seems like she’s right about most of the stuff that outrages her. Like that case with the little Anthony girl. Scumbags and douches piss me off too. And I’m almost never constipated.

  6. @badonkadonk- You are misguided. Nancy Grace likes to torture cute fluffy kittens. Do you really want to support that? I’m not even a cat person, but I would never encourage that kind of behavior.

  7. You make a good point there. I’ve known some kittens that were real assholes too.

    Did you know she tortures little golden retriever puppies too? Not the asshole ones with pointy heads. She tortures the little fluffy nice ones. Trust me… she is a very mean lady.

  8. @2 You are spot on… Nancy Grace, Jon & Kate all media whores destroying the moral fiber of our Country…not you though Kevin you are a Media Whore but not well known enough to destroy the moral fiber of our Country..

  9. @16 & 17
    I’ve been avoiding mine but finally last week I unplugged it from the cable wire and electric socket and moved it to storage by my trash can. I called the cable company and told them to cancel the TV portion of my cable service leaving only the internet connection.

    I swear to God that my life is richer with that InfernoThon. I still HEAR TV running 24/7 in other parts of the house if I leave my bedroom door open. My sister HAS to have TV noise or her head implodes (natures hates a vacuum).

    The cable guy will come out and unplug the TV cable wiring for the entire house on the 19th. Won’t my sister and momma be pissed!

  10. I have watched Jon and Kate Plus Eight

    If I had to put up with the crap that Kate dished out, I’d leave her too. Yup, she is pretty, but she is NOT the model wife. In the beginning Jon did everything for her, for the kids. All Kate did was degrade Jon and treat him like a child. She made unrealistic demands upon him. I don’t know about anybody else, but when some makes demands, then demoralizes and degrades every action, it won’t be long before I leave. The only thing Jon did wrong? He let Kate have joint custody of the children. Kate does not deserve those children. Jon is an excellent father and Kate is a poor excuse for a human being. The children deserve better and Kate is not capable of giving them that.

  11. Further, Nancy Grace is a joke. She is nothing more than an entertainer going after the ratings. Just like Rush Limbaugh, Greta Van Sustern, Sean Hannity, Alan Colmes and Mickey Mouse. No offense Mickey.

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