16 Replies to “Social-Media Guru Satire”

  1. An email I got last year:
    “We know you’re sick of internet celebrities getting attention for doing nothing. We’re giving you a chance to be heard and make a difference in this community. Be creative and change what buzznet means to you.”

  2. There’s something wrong with that Sally Struthers post down below. It sucks life from my machine every time I TRY to comment there. It’s evil.

  3. Now I’m confused. Don’t you aspire to be some sort of social-media douche-bag, Kevin? Or virus video maven? Or consultant to the douche-bags? Something like like? Didn’t Slater fix you up?

    Holy moley! I just noticed: yesterday the little Tubemogul counter said 101 million views and today it says 102!! Jayzus Keerist! You’re on the move faster than a Nutcheese bowel movement!

  4. I think it’s fitting that the avatar has one of those douchebag goatee things. I’m always wary when guys grow one of those. Like that David Letterman extortionist guy. Guys with those things always have something unsavory they’re hiding. Except anybody on this blog, of course.

  5. ^ Ewwwww! I want something unsavory to hide! I’ll start growing my unsavory goatee thing immediately, if not sooner!

    P.S. Kevin
    All the shit I give you for being so successful?? It’s pure jealousy, my man. Nothing else.

  6. @4 Goatees are awesome! I’ve not shaved mine off since I grew it out in June 2008.

    Kevin, you should grow your goatee back out. It looks good on you. (Great. Now NutCheese is going to yell at me for kissing your ass. Oh well, que serĂ¡, serĂ¡.)

  7. @12 I’m not sure who Gentleman and Jan are, but are you saying you are growing your goatee out again?

    @9 That was a pretty cool video (a bit on the long side though). I loved the throat singing and the Scheming Weasel music reminded me of Nalts’ Airport Crawling video.

  8. @13
    Thanks. And thank goodness for Kevin MacLeod’s music. I used to compose my own backgrounds in Garageband and that was WAY too time consuming! That stuff’s better left to the experts.

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