8 Replies to “It’s Friday. Give Me Some Money.”

  1. (British accent, no it hasn’t gone away yet people!)

    OMG! All this E-begging! As Nutcheese stated in a previous post, I believe I heard Baby Jesus starting to cry as well!

    I’ll give you something all right Mr. Nalty! A kick in the derriere!

    p.s. Does Sally Struthers have one of those prison tear tattoes on her face? She means business this time doesn’t she? Crazy Biznatch! (Oh thank you Baby Jesus! My american accent is back!)

  2. I’d give you money if you made a video of your wife crying with mascara running down her face like Tammy Faye Baker.

  3. “You have entered an invalid amount…”

    Stupid PayPal won’t let me send money in multiples of π.
    What do they have against such a nice transcendental number?

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