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What’s on your RSS or what sites do you visit related to online-video and marketing? Please comment below, especially in the likely event I missed something. I’ll update this, and you and I can find this post again by searching the word “FARTY,” which unlikely appears elsewhere here. I could be wrong.

Yes it’s time again for a round-up of some must-read blogs & peeps related to online video, marketing social media, and the shizzle.

Here’s the problem about finding good websites and blogs about online video. If you add “online video” to a search query, you’ll get a lot of videos about marketing. And the social-media space is just too damned cluttered. Any idiot can write an article about that. I like the writers that touch on the intersection of online-video and marketing, and don’t stray too far into the self-indulgent world of traditional entertainment and advertising, the desperate starving filmmakers overproducing episodic content, and boring crap about technology providers.

Most of these peeps are smarter than me, but I actually spend most of my day marketing and making videos… not a journalist or professional speaker (although I’m doing more and more… someone help me figure out how to charge to speak please). So although my content will give you great secret or bore you to death, at least it’s mostly practical.

If I missed you, take a cue from Uncle Nalts. Shamelessly self promote below. Unless your blog is about cats.

9 Replies to “Best Resources for Online Video ‘n Marketing, Farty”

  1. HEy Uncle

    I just started a blog to sort out the do’s and dont’s of making it on YouTube called Get Viewed Take a look-see at my techniques and use it as a “NEED A PENNY TAKE A PENNY GOT A PENNY LEAVE A PENNY” type deal.

  2. “someone help me figure out how to charge to speak please”

    Sarah Palin’s asking $100k per speech, start there.

    Interview agents.
    I know it shouldn’t be less than $2,000 plus expenses.
    Depends where and how many people too.
    With your YTC I bet you could ask for $5k easy

  3. PS – no idea how to charge for speaking yet either… Let me know if you crack that one, with your celebrity, I bet you could make a pretty penny or 2.

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