Free: Insult Boss, Client, Cranky People or Whiners Via YouTube or iPhone Videos

Insult AssistantQuick- what do you do when you’re in a horribly dull meeting, and your subtle cues aren’t working? Break out your iPhone and let the “Insult Assistant” alert the responsible party via video. Yep- there’s an app for insulting a client or boss, or even breaking up with someone.

This project, of course, was born out of the deep insight that it can be sometimes difficult or inconvenient to insult someone in person. So now you can degrade them from the comfort of your couch… via YouTube.


Friends, welcome to the “Insult Assistant.” Below is a handy playlist of the beta insults, and thanks Slater for the tune he made about a year ago.

Right now we have the following FREE videos to help you insult someone via the ultra ease of video:

Scroll to scan the 20-30 second videos, and be sure to let me know what’s missing. Unfortunately you can’t send videos via e-mails on YouTube without being logged in, but I’m not sure if the e-mail will identify you. But most of these are for iPhone use for people brave enough to let the Insult Assistant deliver the message while they’re there. Hey- capture the reaction on video, please! I’d love to see them in action.

13 Replies to “Free: Insult Boss, Client, Cranky People or Whiners Via YouTube or iPhone Videos”

  1. 1:You may think you are funny but you are just “Not Funny”.
    2:This is the last time you will be late for a meeting or work or whatever.
    3:I’m not going to pay you, so just go whistle. No, I really mean whistle.
    4:I want you to move There’s your stuff.. over there.. at the curb..
    5:No you can’t borrow my ________
    6:I’m not interested in your opinion. So just shut up and listen.
    7:Beth get out of the medicine chest.

    more to come..

  2. @5 I have a friend that used to get stuck in meetings that would drag on and on at a company he used to work for, so he decided to engineer a solution to solve his meeting problem. His fix was simple, he removed all of the chairs from the meeting room and told his team they would have to stand for the duration of the staff meeting.

    Voila, his long running meeting problem went away faster than a fat man eating a jelly doughnut can scream “leg cramp”.

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