Did you claim your $1.60 Yet?

According to eMarketer, companies are spending $1.60 on online video for every $100 they spend on television. Video ads will account for only 4.3% of overall online ad spending in 2009, but 5.6% next year and 7.1% in 2011. This chart below shows that the spending per hour view is not low, but this is really deceiving… it doesn’t account for the short bursts of online video, and the DVR tune-out of tv ads.

ad spending growth online video

8 Replies to “Did you claim your $1.60 Yet?”

  1. So what you are saying I’d be making somewhere around $200,000 a month if I had the same audience in TV.

    Gee, I wonder why they don’t want Hulu on your TV screen…

  2. @3 The amazing thing is that entertainment executives and marketers are all using DVRs to skip ads, but old habits are hard to break. I get frustrated about things like this moving fast, but I owe my career to being just slightly faster than most. Ever so slightly.

  3. @Jimmer – I do as well. I don’t have any TV service.

    @Alexis, Matt, and Nalts – The DVR will be entirely obsolete in a few years, when everything is on-demand. And at that point, you’ll either pay for it or get Hulu-style ads. And that will be awesome.

  4. @6 If you’re tech savvy enough and don’t mind waiting a half day or so you can download just about any show you want to watch nowadays.

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